Attention Triathletes!

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Whether you are training for a local or national event, the new Talisman Centre Triathlon Club can provide you with the support you need to achieve your goals!

A non-refundable annual membership fee of $250 (due at registration), will provide you with all the Club benefits, including:
  • Exclusive registration to Triathlon Club Courses
  • Club uniform
  • Workshop seminars & clinics
  • Club Socials & Team Events
  • Facility membership
  • Members can also choose to attend social events and seminars associated with the club. Seminars include goal setting, nutrition, sport psychology, and more. Triathlon Club members are required to register for two or more courses per session to activate their membership. Triathletes can customize their training schedules by registering for courses every session. (Monthly payment plans are available for course registration fees.)

    Three Step Registration Process: 1) Pay $250 upon registration 2) Register for two courses from the schedule per session 3) Choose payment plan: monthly or lump-sum.

    Spring Session
    Tri Club Swim Tri Club Run and Swim
    Everyone knows that you swim faster in groups! The Triathlon Club Swim course will provide you with the motivating environment you need to increase your efficiency in the water. Coaches will provide athletes with interactive intervals & drills designed to facilitate improvement in technique and speed. Individual results from various assessments will be used to monitor progression and determine training intensities. Coaches will also provide athletes with info on how to minimize their time in race situations.

    The run and swim portion of a triathlon can be the most challenging and sometimes intimidating! Our experienced coaches will provide athletes with a supportive environment to facilitate training needs. Athletes will increase their efficiency by learning proper running and swimming techniques.

    Tri Club Brick Training  
    The ability to run after the cycling portion of a triathlon is a key element to having a successful day. Athletes will train to run fasterafter a hard bike ride, help to determine pacing strategies and opportunities to practice the skills required for quick transitions.

    Download our Information Sheet and Registration Form today!

    Mon - Fri 5am - 11pm
    Saturday 6am - 10pm
    Sunday 7am - 10pm
    Holiday hours are 7am - 10pm. No registered classes on statutory holidays.

    2225 Macleod Trail S.
    Calgary AB T2G 5B6
    Ph. (403) 233-8393
    Fx. (403) 262-1001