Sears I Can Swim Stage 1 (6-14 Years)
Sears I Can Swim Stage 2 (6-14 Years)
Learn the fundamentals! Children starting swimming lessons for the first time or still getting comfortable in the water will discover the thrill of submerging, floating, propelling and gliding!

Enhance your child's skill development! Already oriented to the water, your child will become an expert in the basics of swimming strokes while learning the joy of streamlining, underwater push offs, treading water and introductory dives!

Sears I Can Swim Stage 3 (6-14 Years) Sears I Can Swim Fast (8-14 Years)
Improve your child's swimming proficiency! Your child will learn the thrill of becoming faster and more efficient in all four swimming strokes while increasing their endurance, learning basic turns and trying advanced dives!

Now with underwater video feedback! Swimmers will refine their technique and increase speed while learning athletic skills like goal setting, stretching, swim sets and how to read pace clocks. This class is recommended for swimmers interested in increasing swim skill for lifesaving and leadership certification! Prerequisite: Stage 3 or Swim Kids 10

Junior Masters Swim Club (8-17 Years) I Can Triathlon (8-12 Years)
Non-competitive swimming for kids who don't want to join a swim club. The program includes nutritional seminars, goal setting and video analysis. A great way to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle!
Prerequisite: Ability to swim 100M consecutively.

A great introduction to the sport of triathlon! The focus is individual accomplishment and having fun. Our coaching staff will provide you with encouragement and feedback to help you develop the fundamentals of swimming, cycling and running.

Mon - Fri 5am - 11pm
Saturday 6am - 10pm
Sunday 7am - 10pm
No registered classes on statutory holidays

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