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"The first wealth is health" - Emerson

A step above the rest, Talisman Centre recognizes the need for the union of fitness and nutrition to help individuals meet their goals. Everything you need is under one roof! Have our skilled Registered Dietitian work closely with you, your trainer, and your lifestyle to design a customized nutrition plan that will get you results.


Nutrition services for all phases of training, competition, and recovery
Nutrition services to build a foundation for aging well that suit your lifestyle and nutrient needs
Weight Loss
Nutrition services that focus on achieving a healthy weight for life

Nutrition Service 1 (NS1)

Includes initial one on one consultation with a Registered Dietitian, customized nutrition food options template that meets your energy needs and lifestyle preferences, and continued support with 2, 1/2 hour follow ups

Nutrition Service 1 (NS1)
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Nutrition Service 2 (NS2)

Includes a 3 day detailed nutrient analysis of your average intake of carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, and mineral amounts and a comparison of your results to the ideal values. The Registered Dietitian will interpret these results for you and customized a nutrition food options template to meet your energy and nutrient needs for your individual situation. For continued support and further advancement to the nutrition plan, 3, 1/2 hour follow ups have been added to this package.

Nutrition Service 2 (NS2)
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Something else in mind?

Customized packages are available to further meet your specific needs. Examples include additional follow up packages, grocery tours, body composition testing, group or family sessions, or nutrition and personal training packages.

For all nutrition inquires:

Phone: (403) 355-1281 or

Email: nutrition@talismancentre.com

Check website for nutrition hot topics, product of the month, and nutrition challenges.

"Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness."
– modified from: Edward Stanley (1826-1893) from The Conduct of Life

Nutrition and Personal Training Combo Packages

The food choices you make and the food patterns you develop greatly impact your health and well being as well as your athletic performance. Get our team of professionals working for you! A balanced Nutrition plan combined with One on One Fitness Training will accelerate you towards your goals. Whether you are just getting started, or are looking to make a lifestyle change for success, this combination of exercise and healthy eating will take you to where you want to be!

Starter Package:

Give yourself a fantastic kick start towards your goals.
3 Training Sessions + 1 hr Nutrition Consultation
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Maintenance Package:

Ensure your success by committing to change your life.
20 Training Sessions + 1 hr Nutrition Consultation
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Customized Programs For WEIGHT LOSS

Work with a group of Professionals toward achieving your weight loss goal once and for all! Your plan will be customized to suit your specific needs through a series of one-on-one consultations and hands on Training with qualified Nutrition Specialists, Personal Trainers, and Certified Fitness Consultants. Whether you are looking to lose weight or improve your overall body composition, get our TEAM working for you to ensure that you reach your goal!

For more details please contact our Wellness Coordinator @355-1260.

Nutrition Counselling

To book an appointment call (403) 355-1281 and ask for one of our Registered Dietitians:

Kelly Drager, BSc, BPE, RD kdrager@talismancentre.com

Nutrition and Training Combo Packages

Mon - Fri 5am - 11pm
Saturday 6am - 10pm
Sunday 7am - 10pm
No registered classes on statutory holidays

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