Some people dream of success... while others wake up and work hard at it.

Endurance Training Systems (ETS) provides coaching and sports science services to endurance athletes of all levels and abilities. Our team's goal is to help every athlete achieve optimal performance and meet their specific training and competition goals.

Endurance Training Systems is a multi-disciplinary team of coaches, physiologists and nutritionists dedicated to helping athletes achieve one thing, results. Through the use of testing to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each athlete, a fully customized training plan is designed to help peak athletes for their goal event(s). Talisman Centres endurance training team provides the latest in training techniques, motivation, nutritional advice and support to develop successful athletes. Whether you are a mountain bike racer, triathlete, cyclist, runner or adventure racer, ETS will help you achieve new performance levels.

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Staff & Bios

"The will to win is nothing without the will to train."

Jack VanDyk MKin, CSEP-CEP, NCCP 1

Jack is the Endurance Training Systems (ETS) Coordinator at the Talisman Centre with over 10 years of personal training and coaching experience. He completed a Masters of Kinesiology Degree from the University of Calgary where he researched the impact of strength training on cycling specific power along with the Periodization and preparation for Mountain Bike racing. From his educational and experiential background, Jack has created a range of results driven ETS programs and services at the Talisman Centre and continues to study all facets of training and preparation for events ranging from road and track cycling to Olympic and Ironman distance triathlon. He is also an Ironman Coeur d’Alene finisher.

Jack specializes in optimizing the training for cyclists has helped develop several elite Provincial cyclists including three Elite Provincial mountain bike champions and helped many become stronger cyclists through his scientific approach to training and specific preparation methods. Jack’s attention to detail begins with testing the athletes he works with to determine their relative strengths and weaknesses and developing a fully individualized and detailed training schedule leading to an athlete’s goal event based on the information gleaned from the testing sessions. He can meticulously analyze power meter files to help breakdown the specific demands of racing and match those demands in the prescribed training.

Jack’s approach is to help athletes understand the “whys” of training and educate them so they can best adapt and balance their training with the demands of life. The structure provided from his training schedules helps athletes remain focused on their goals, maximizes their training time and provides the correct balance of training stress and, more importantly, recovery.

Laurel Alexander BA, ACTP, NCCP Level 4 Candidate

Laurel is very passionate about coaching and helping people achieve their goals in sport and in life. When designing a program she takes into consideration all aspects of life to increase the chance of success. She understands that school, work, family, etc. all need to be a part of the plan to guarantee the program will be followed through. Laurel is also aware that each individual is unique and she is always open to suggestions and adjustments to make the program even more practical.   

Laurel graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts and Minor in Communications. She is currently working to complete her Level 4 Certification with the National Coaching Institute and wants to complete her Level 5 as well. She is also working to become a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) with the Coaches Training Institute. Laurel was a 3-time National Team Athlete in Synchronized Swimming and retired in 2003 to pursue others sports such as Triathlon, which she has been training and racing in since 2001. Laurel is now a National Team Coach with Synchro Canada, a Life Coach and an ETS Triathlon Coach for Talisman Centre.

Jon Bird BA

It all began at the ripe old age of three for Jon. A combination of high energy and a fascination with water prompted the Bird family to enroll Jon in the University of Calgary Tiny Olympic Prospects swim program. Throughout the years, he competed at the national and varsity levels for swimming, and in the off season turned to triathlon to calm competitive nerves and stay fit.  Continued commitments to swimming at the varsity level requiring year round training and eventually forced triathlon to the back burner. After 18 years of competitive swimming, Jon was ready for a new challenge. In 2005 he walked on to the University of Calgary Dinos Track & Field team and competed at CIS National Championships, finishing third on the team. With this combination of running and swimming, as well as the lack of motorized transportation, the return to triathlon was imminent. The summer of 2006 gave Jon his first real taste of the Olympic distance flat out effort, and he was hooked. The path to a more structured scientific training routine led Jon to join the ETS team at Talisman Centre.

Training with the ETS program has allowed Jon to focus on small components such as cycling power, nutrition and core development as ways to improve the back half of his triathlon. This next season Jon will compete in the ITU draft legal races which will help in his efforts to break the 1:57:00 barrier for Olympic distance triathlon.  

Comprehensive ETS Training Package

ETS training packages are designed to meet the complete training needs of endurance athletes and the Talisman Centre provides the perfect training environment for athletes of all ability levels. Athletes have access to qualified coaches, trainers and nutritionists to help provide training guidance, motivation, expertise and support. This unique training package provides endurance athletes the services often available only to high-performance athletes at an attractive cost under one roof! Athletes who have committed to a 6 month package have all achieved personal bests and reached new performance levels.

3 mths ($1000)
6 mths ($1650)
  • Program Design
  • 12 weeks
  • 24 weeks
  • Testing
  • Body Composition Analysis
2 3
  • Cycling lactate testing OR
2 3
  • Running lactate testing
2 3

3 Months
6 Months
  • Exclusive access to the Athletic Training Zone
  • Facility Membership for duration of package
  • Unlimited athlete-initiated email/phone communication with coach
  • One-on-one coaching sessions
4 8
  • Nutritional counseling session(s)
1 2
  • Access to 2x group training sessions per week
  • Use of stationary bicycle trainers for cycling
  • Nutritional counseling session
1 2
Unless you test yourself, you stagnate. Unless you try to go way beyond what you've been able to do before, you won't develop and grow. When you go for it 100%, when you don't have the fear of 'what if I fail,' that's when you're really living.
- Mark Allen, world champion triathlete.

ETS Customized Program Design

The will to win is nothing without the will to train. ETS guarantees we will not use generic or computer generated training programs - each program ETS offers is designed around the athlete, their current level of fitness and their specific sport to achieve a peak performance. Programs are emailed to athletes regularly and consistent email or phone communication with an ETS coach is included with this service.

  • $490 / 3 Months (includes nutrition session and 1 test session)
  • $820 / 6 Months (includes nutrition session and 2 test sessions)

ETS Individual Coaching Sessions

We also offer individual training geared to athletes wanting private sessions with a coach to work on specific aspects of their sport. Athletes can choose to work on the technical aspects of weight training, improving pedaling mechanics using the Computrainer Spin Scan function, improve running mechanics, increase flexibility or perform interval training under the watchful eye of your coach in our Athletic Training Zone. For more information please contact the ETS Coordinator at 355-1259

ETS Base Building (Fall)

Focus on developing your aerobic base, pedal mechanics, cycling-specific strength and lactate threshold by training with power. Participants will receive individualized power training zones as well as a power profile to provide an accurate assessment of cycling ability and increase training efficiency.
Cycling is a blue-collar sport. You gotta do the work


ETS Base Building (Fall) - 9 sessions
Members: $145       Non-members: $177
  • Fall Base Building 1 (October 6 - Dec 15) Mon 10am - 11:30am - 9 sessions Register Online
  • Fall Base Building 2 (October 6 - Dec 15) Mon 6:30pm - 8:30pm - 9 sessions Register Online
ETS Base Building (Fall) - 10 sessions
Members: $161       Non-members: $197
  • Fall Base Building 3 (Oct 7 - Dec 16) Tues 6:30pm - 8:00pm - 10 sessions Register Online
ETS Base Building (Fall) - 11 sessions
Members: $171       Non-members: $216
  • Fall Base Building 4 (Oct 8 - Dec 17) Wed 10:00am - 11:30am - 11 sessions Register Online
  • Fall Base Building 5 (Oct 8 - Dec 17) Wed 6:30pm - 8:00pm - 11 sessions Register Online
  • Fall Base Building 6 (Oct 9 - Dec 18) Thu 6:30pm - 8:00pm - 11 sessions Register Online
  • Fall Base Building 7 (Oct 10 - Dec 19) Fri 10:00am - 11:30am - 11 sessions Register Online

ETS Weight Training For Endurance Athletes (Fall) - 9 sessions
Members: $131       Non-members: $155
This popular program provides athletes a progressive resistance training program designed to help improve the general strength for cyclists, triathletes and runners. Based on the latest scientific research and coaching practices this program will help develop a solid foundation of fitness for your season.
  • ETS Weight Training 1 (Oct 6 - Dec 15) Mon 6:30pm - 7:30pm - 9 sessions Register Online
ETS Weight Training For Endurance Athletes (Fall) - 11 sessions
Members: $159       Non-members: $194
  • ETS Weight Training 2 (Oct 9 - Dec 18) Thu 6:00pm - 7:30pm - 11 sessions Register Online

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. - Mahatma Gandhi

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