Too Late for Booking: The booking window is closed  (90min prior to class time)

Online Booking Closed: 50% of spots booked.  Access cards at Customer Service 1hr prior for remaining spots. 

Class Attendance: Particpants must show up 5 minutes prior to class start times.


Select the header class name to view all the classes under these categories (up to 2 weeks)
Get RIPPED! (8 types):
Pure Cardi, Get Extremely RIPPED!, 1000, Body Rock, Chiseled, 1000 Hardcore; Buffet
Power Cycle  (7 types): Power Cycle, Power Cycle Lights, Power Cycle HITT Lights, Cycle N’ Box, Power Cycle N’ Strength
Yoga (9 types): Hatha Level 2, Hot Power Flow, Hot Flow, Yoga Blend, Restorative, Hot Yoga Bootcamp, Yoga Level 2


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