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Foundations of Vertical Water Training

October 21 – 23, 2011

The Canadian Aquafitness Leaders Alliance, in cooperation with Talisman Centre in Calgary, Alberta, provides top-notch training and access to up-to-date information for fitness professionals in one on one and group settings. This foundations of vertical water training course sets the stage for leaders, coaches, post rehabilitation specialists, athletes and personal trainers to learn how to use water effectively in the design and the delivery of safe, productive and innovative water training sessions. The course is based on practical application of theory using an integrative approach to learning. CALA is an international, Canadian based company providing excellence in vertical water training. The CALA holistic approach encourages the body to move, the mind to discover and the spirit to soar. Recognized as the gold standard in vertical water training, CALA provides solid research based programs in both deep and chest deep water to meet the diverse needs of our communities.

  • This comprehensive course includes the essential tools necessary to design and lead safe, effective, holistic vertical water training group classes; one on one sessions; water running; aqua kick box and other programs.
  • The course content meets the needs of experienced fitness professionals as well as aerobic instructors, post rehabilitation specialists, personal trainers, coaches, athletes, lifeguards, participants and aspiring leaders; and exceeds the Canadian Provincial and Federal Guidelines and Standards
  • The course is accredited by many international (Fitness Wales- REPS, Royal Events: Germany, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, New Zealand- REPS), national (CanFitPro, YMCA-YWCA) and provincial (BCRPA, SPRA, OFC, NSFA, SportPEI) fitness organizations.

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