Talisman Centre can accommodate the needs of all Calgarians, regardless of physical ability. Wheelchair access, pool lifts, water wheelchairs and other adaptive equipment is why Talisman Centre has won accessibility awards from both the Canadian Paraplegic Association (Alberta) and The City of Calgary.

Equipment and Amenities


  • South entrance – automatic doors
  • North entrance – automatic doors; ramp from parking lot
  • Designated parking stalls

Public Concourse and The Foundation Lounge

  • Ramp at south and north entrances
  • Elevator to the activity level
  • Adapted service station at Customer Service Desk
  • Barrier-free concourse public washrooms
  • Barrier-free public washrooms in The Foundation Lounge
  • Ramp in The Foundation Lounge to the Athlete Lounge

Activity Levels

  • Caregiver change rooms complete with wheelchair accessible showers, access to water wheelchairs and change beds.
  • Digital wheelchair scale
  • Barrier-free mens and womens public Locker Rooms
  • Stair lift to lower activity level


  • Portable aquatic lifts
  • Ramp into 20-person hot tub and shallow teach pool
  • Stairs into shallow end of 50m pool in The Calgary Foundation Aquaplex
  • Pool noodles, mats, lifejackets, floatation belts, flutter boards, and pull buoys
  • 3 stainless steel aquatic wheel chairs


  • Equalizer multi-station universal cable machine with accessible components
  • Precor FTS Glide cable machine
  • Colorado Cycle hand bike
  • Sci Fit hand bike with ability to remove seat for wheelchair accessibility
  • Johnny G Krankcycle
  • Parallel bars to assist with walking rehabilitation
  • Stretching mat with lift and ability to raise and lower
  • Elevator in Fitness Centre to 3 levels
  • Two tracks
  • Barrier-free washrooms in Fitness Centre

Awards for Accessibility

Between Friends Club – Most Inclusive Organization, 2013

The Calgary Awards – Award for Accessibility, 2003

Canadian Paraplegic Association (Alberta) – Accessibility Award, 2003

Between Friends Club – Community Partner of the Year, 2003