Child Care

If you need child care for an hour or two while you work out, Talisman Centre has you covered. Available for children aged 3 months to 9 years.

Your child can enjoy expert care while you work towards reaching your fitness goals or attending an appointment at LifeMark Health Physiotherapy or TotalCardiology. Our professional Child Care Team will provide your child the opportunity to play with friends and explore new things in a fun and safe environment. Some activities that highlight your child's experience and keep them active include games, toys, books, puzzles, craft, creative play spaces and so much more.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to high demand, space may be limited. Please pre-book to guarantee your spot and allow us to bring in more staff

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 8:30am – 3:00pm

Monday & Wednesday Evenings: 4:45pm – 8:00pm

Saturday: 8:15am – 1:15pm

Sunday: 8:45am – 1:15pm 

NOTE: Pre-bookings required, min of 4 children required to open. Hours may be adjusted due to low attendance numbers, please call before arriving. Child Care is closed on all Statutory Holidays.

How to Book

1. Call us at 403.355.1289 to book or cancel your spot

2. NEW! Book online with our Active Member Rewards Portal or through our mobile APP

Parents please be aware that you are expected to stay within the parameters of your pre-booked time as we book time for all children to allow us to stay within ratios. Should you arrive late and stay later to make up for your arrival time, this then compromises our numbers. If you need to extend your time or change it, please ensure you are confirming this with a Child Care attendant first to avoid any misunderstandings.

PLEASE NOTE: You are required to PRE-BOOK to guarantee your spot in Child Care. If there are not enough pre-booked appointments to meet our minimum requirements of 4 children, the Child Care Centre will not be open and any currently booked appointments for that day will be notified of the closure. If you choose to drop in, please note space may not be available as staffing is determined by pre-booked spots. We do not guarantee a spot if you drop-in.

When returning to pick-up your child, if you are more than 10 minutes into a half hour you will be charged for 30 minutes.


Note to Parents:

Payment for use of Child Care MUST be taken care of prior to leaving your child. Either by confirming enough hours are on your card, purchasing a new card, confirming you will pay upon picking up your child or by paying for your expected time used.

IOU's will no longer be offered.

INFANT (3 months – 11 months of age)

  Member Non-Member
Hourly $6.00 $6.60
5 Hour Card $29.00 $31.90
10 Hour Card $58.00 $63.80
30 Hour Card $172.50 $189.75

Please Note: All children under 1 year of age MUST do a 20-minute trial period at a minimal charge before they can return and use the services for an extended period of time. Child must be awake during trial.

TODDLER (13 months – 35 months of age)

  Member Non-Member
Hourly $5.75 $6.30
5 Hour Card $27.50 $30.25
10 Hour Card $55.00 $60.50
30 Hour Card $165.00 $181.50

CHILD (3 years of age and up)

  Member Non-Member
Hourly $5.50 $6.05
5 Hour Card $26.25 $28.90
10 Hour Card $52.50 $57.75
30 Hour Card $157.50 $173.25

Please Note: All purchased cards will not receive a refund after one (1) year from date of purchase.


To book or cancel call 403.355.1289

Or for more information about Child Care please contact:

Sabine Thomsen
Phone: 403.355.1266