Visiting the Facility/Maps

Facility Access

Your membership card or drop-in admission includes full use of the facility. Lost membership card replacements are $5 each. If you've registered for a program and do not have a membership, your program purchase entitles you to access the building 30 minutes prior to the program only for the days and times of your classes/sessions. Children's programs do not include parents' use of the facility. A separate admission fee must be paid.

Peak Times

Like any sport and wellness facility, Talisman Centre has busy and less-busy times of the day. If you think Talisman Centre looks a little crowded when you're here, try shaking up your routine and come during another time of day! Here's a handy guide to a typical day at Talisman Centre:

Before 9:00am


9:00am – 11:30am


11:30am – 1:30pm


1:30pm – 4:00pm


4:00pm – 8:00pm


8:00pm – 11:00pm



Parking is available on a first come, first serve basis. Up to 3 hours per day during facility use. On-site parking is not guaranteed.

We are constantly striving towards improvements in our customer satisfaction with regards to the benefits and usage of our free public parking lot, especially during events.

Please keep in mind that our high-calibre sporting events are a dynamic element that help make Talisman Centre a world class facility; and without these events we wouldn't be able to gain the financial or sport community support necessary to be the world class facility that we are. We also do our best to uphold our dual mandate as directed by The City of Calgary to support both Members and Sport Partner Athletes equally – which also extends to our public parking lot.

As well, did you know that The City of Calgary owns the building, lot and land that makes up Talisman Centre and its surroundings? We are continually looking at options on how to improve the parking lot flow and use of space within our limitations.

During events we ensure fair parking in the following ways:

  • Advanced notice to Members through Event Alerts posted on our Web Alerts, Signage throughout the facility, Online Event Calendar, RSS Feed, Facebook, Twitter, and Macleod Trail digital sign.
  • Advanced notice through coaches and instructors for programs running during events
  • Designated Member Only parking areas.
  • Designated Event Officials and Participant parking areas.
  • Free overflow parking at the Elbow River Casino for Members and Event participants (with a valid parking pass provided by Customer Service or the Parking Attendant).
  • All employees parks off-site.

Talisman Centre is located in the middle of a protected City park, as well we are surrounded by many residential communities. Due to our location, both expansion and a multi-level complex has to date not been approved by The City of Calgary.

In the meantime, we continue to encourage your ideas and feedback to help us improve our operations. Please feel free to contact our Facilities Manager Theresa Hiltz a


To see what's going on at Talisman Centre check out our Aquatic Schedule and Dryland Schedule for the most up to date information.


Day-use lockers are available in the locker rooms and in the Fitness Centre. You can choose to bring your own lock or coin lockers are available.

Executive Locker Rooms are also available for an annual fee. Members can enjoy an adult only area (18+) with a TV, water cooler, hair dryer, towel service and individual totes. Please contact Customer Service for more details.

Towels and Locks

Towels and locks are available for purchase at the Customer Service Desk.


To access Talisman Centre's WiFi please select: Member_Internet. You will then be directed to a login page to enter the password, "freetrial", which directs you to our webpage. This process is required every day, as it's a security feature.

Please note, streaming is not available. If you have issues connecting, try going into your settings and "forgetting the network", then retrying.

*NOTE: Members and Non-Members who are SHAW customers, can also choose to use SHAW Go Wifi for free – see below.  

shaw web

Stay connected at Talisman Centre with Shaw Go WiFi

Only Shaw Internet customers get exclusive access to thousands of complimentary Shaw Go WiFi locations, allowing you to take your home Internet experience on the go. Once your device is registered, it will automatically connect whenever you're in a Shaw Go WiFi location. Now you connect at thousands of locations including when you're between reps at the gym.

To learn how to connect and to view thousands of other locations in Calgary, visit

Connecting to Shaw Go WiFi:

  1. Access the Network/WiFi settings on your WiFi enabled device
  2. Find the network named ShawOpen from the list of available networks and connect to it
  3. Open your Web Browser and you will be presented with the Shaw WiFi sign in page. If you are using an iOS device, this page will automatically open for you once you have selected the ShawOpen network
  4. Sign in using your email address and password
  5. Select the option to remember the Shaw Go WiFi network on your device
  6. Once you have connected to ShawOpen, your device will automatically connect to other Shaw Go WiFi hotspots when you are within their range.

How do I forget the Shaw Go WiFi network?

If you are not a Shaw Internet customer, and your phone tries to automatically connect to "ShawOpen", you may have trouble launching the APP. You will want to tell your phone to "Forget this Network".

  1. Access the Network/WiFi settings on your WiFi enabled device
  2. Find the network named ShawOpen from the list of available preferred networks on your device
  3. iOS mobile devices: Select the blue arrow beside ShawOpen > Forget this Network > Forget
  4. Android devices: Click on ShawOpen > Forget