Preschool for Active Living (PAL)


What do I bring?

Please be sure to bring the following items and ensure they are clearly labeled:

  • Healthy snack (nut-free please)
  • Drink and/or a water bottle
  • Indoor shoes
  • Change of clothing
  • Medications (individual basis)

How do I qualify for the member rate?

The discounted members rate is applicable for a child that currently holds an active annual preschool membership (monthly and 10 card memberships do not apply) and/or the child being registered has a parent/legal guardian that holds an active family annual membership.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

It is preferred that your child is toilet trained however this can be discussed.

Is your Preschool a nut-free zone?

Yes, because of the severity of these types of allergies, Preschool for Active Living strives to be a nut-free zone.

What do you do during the physical component?

Our physical component can consist of many different things. We could play games, learn sport skills, or participate in pre-scheduled activities such as Gymnastics, Swimming or Yoga.

Do you go outside?

When the weather is good, we may take the children outside. We have a large green space outside the Preschool Room, as well as a park a short walk away.

In the winter when the weather is mild enough, parents will be given enough notice so that children may be sent to school with the appropriate outside gear.