Personal Training


Personal Training FAQ

What is Personal Training?

Personal Training involves working closely with one of our qualified Trainers to create a customized strength and conditioning program for you. The Trainer uses information gathered from your initial meeting to develop a program that will provide you with the best opportunity to reach your goals. When you work with a Personal Trainer they will demonstrate the proper exercise and make sure you have the correct technique as you complete it, while also ensuring you are working in the most appropriate ranges for your skill level and ability. Note: A minimum of 4 sessions is required for a Trainer to create a personalized program.

How does Group Training work?

Group Training offers a similar one-on-one feel to Personal Training; however you will be working out with 1-3 other group members. The Trainer will create a program to meet the needs of the group as a whole, as well as each member’s individual needs. Training with a group can help to keep each other accountable and motivated, and also comes with a great pricing advantage compared to the one-on-one sessions. If you are interested in group training but can’t find a partner, we will try and match you up with people of a similar mindset and schedule.

Note: Because of the discounted pricing with group training, each member will be charged regardless of attendance. Example: If only one person from a group of two is able to attend the session, both will still be charged for that session.

How do I get a Trainer?

Stop by the Customer Service Desk or Fitness Centre Desk and complete the Personal Training Request Form. It is a quick questionnaire that explores what your goals are, any medical concerns or injuries the Trainer would need to be aware of and your availability. The Training Services Team Leader will evaluate your needs and availability and find the Trainer best suited for you. The assigned Trainer will contact you directly to coordinate scheduling.

How often do I have to meet with my Trainer?

Some of our clients choose to work with their Trainer for every workout they do. Others will use their Trainer for guidance by meeting with them for one session a week while working out a couple of times by themselves. Our Trainers are flexible with how often you wish to meet with them and it is really up to the client and their comfort level. We even have clients who work with Trainers as little as once a month.

What qualifications do the Trainers have?

The minimum standard Talisman Centre requires from our Trainers is a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, Sport Science or a related field. Within our training team each Trainer has different specializations which enable us to match clients with the Trainer whose knowledge will best meet their needs. Some of our Trainers' specializations include: athlete development, special needs, injury rehabilitation, cardiac issues, multiple sclerosis, muscle imbalances and pre/post natal training.