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 Personal Training  LTAD 34567

Personal Training at Talisman Centre is about understanding your needs to develop the right program for you to achieve your goals. Our team of qualified Trainers will develop a customized strength and conditioning program to get the results you are looking for. Your Trainer will guide you through a program that focuses on proper exercise technique to give you the knowledge to help reduce injury and to develop the confidence to improve your fitness. Our Strength and Conditioning Team take pride in your performance and successes.

Training specialities include pre and post natal conditioning, pre and post rehabilitation and athletic and sport specific training.

Pricing information is listed openly and we are happy to discuss which package would be best you.

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Group Training  LTAD 34567

Grab a group of friends, co-workers, teammates, or relatives that are interested in achieving a fitness goal and let us help you get started. Don’t have a group - we can place you with a group of individuals with similar fitness goals.

Participating in small group training sessions will enhance your own motivations towards achieving personal health and fitness goals, increase the enjoyment you get from exercise and encourage you to simply ‘give your best’ within a truly supportive environment and is cost effective.

It allows clients to participate in a fun, motivating and dynamic fitness environment with all the same focus on safety, technique and achievement that you would receive in a one-on-one Personal Training Session. In a training session the trainer will select exercises that will challenge and engage the group but will often have clients working on individualized exercises that cater to their level of fitness/abilities and imbalances.

Personal Training Options

Introductory Package $450

     •  Four personalized one-on-one sessions for people that want to feel comfortable in our environment and to have
         a personalized program to use independently.

     •  One nutrition session as we believe nutrition is a key factor for successful performance.

     •  30-Day Card so you can experience all our facility has to offer.

     •  Training and nutrition sessions must be used prior to the expiry date of the 30-Day Card.

     •  Must not have been an active Member or Personal Training client within the last 6 months.

 Choose the frequency and duration of your Personal Strength and Conditioning Program: 

     Number of Sessions        Price                     


        Under 12                                                $69.00 member* | $76.00 non-member

        12 and over                                            $65.00 member* | $72.00 non-member


        Under 12                                                $46.00 member* | $51.00 non-member

        12 and over                                            $42.00 member* | $46.00 non-member


        Under 12                                                $35.00 members* | $39.00 non-members

        12 and over                                            $30.00 members* | $33.00 non-members

* Member is considered to be an individual who has a current Annual Full Pay or Annual Monthly Membership.

Minimum of four sessions is required. All prices are based on a one hour session and purchased to suit your schedule. Group Training prices are based on a one hour session per person. Prices subject to change.

To find out more information about our Personal Training Team please contact:

Anna Iskra

 To book a trainer:

• Stop by the Customer Service Desk or Fitness Centre Desk to complete the Personal Training
  Request Questionnaire


• Download the Personal Training Request Questionnaire, complete and email to 

NOTE: We are experiencing a high volume of Personal Training requests. Please allow us 48 hours to respond to all requests.