Swim Lessons



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Aquatic Private Lessons    LTAD 1237

3+ years

New and improved private aquatic lessons now include goal setting, specialized instruction and customization to meet you or your child's needs. In these one-on-one sessions you'll see advanced progression in both technique and endurance. It's way more than a swimming lesson! We also take Instructor requests and do our best to meet them – when registering please indicate if you have an Instructor preference. Maximum of 1 person.

30 minute private lessons – geared towards those learning to swim as they will take place entirely in the Teach Pool (no lane space available)

45 minute private lessons – geared towards those wanting to learn to swim and improve their stroke technique (access to lane and Teach Pool)

Ducklings Program    LTAD 1

3 months - 1 year (parented class)

Come play and learn with your 3 month to 1 year old! Babies and toddlers can explore the water through activities, songs and games while also having the comfort of caregivers by their side. Lessons include water safety, comfort and play in the water, and an introduction of a few basic swimming skills. 

Dinos Program    LTAD 1

1 year - 3 years (parented class)

Dinos is a participation-based program and is a great introduction to water, or a continuation from Ducklings. Parents and toddlers learn to relax and enjoy the water together while developing basic skills through activities, songs and games.

I Can Swim Preschool    LTAD 2

3 - 5 years

A progressive, skill based, learn to swim program that teaches water skills and focuses on entries and exits, submersion and breath control, floating, gliding and treading water. Building upon these initial skills, swimmers will begin to work on skills needed for butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. The pre-school levels are outlined below:

Dolphins 1 – Children become comfortable with their first independent water experiences. Fundamental movement skills are introduced.

Dolphins 2 – Dolphin 2 is for children who are comfortable being independent in the water. Preschoolers are introduced to front and back paddle and various deep water skills.

Dolphins 3 – Children develop the basic skills for freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

Super Dolphins – Children are challenged to develop skills at the Stage 2 level to prepare them to transition into the Stage 2 class.

I Can Swim School    LTAD 23

6 - 12 years

A progressive, skill based, learn to swim program that teaches 54 water skills and focuses on butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, water safety, entries and turns. The program will progress from skills such as submerging, floating, kicking and gliding in Stage 1 to include deep water paddling and treading, diving, freestyle and backstroke in Stage 2. Fitness and endurance becomes a focus as well as breaststroke and butterfly in Stage 3. The school stages are outlined below:

Stages 1 – Orientation to water: Establishes a sound basis for the future acquisition of swimming skills. Children develop the fundamentals of swimming while learning to be comfortable and relaxed in the water. Includes 3 sub-stages: I Can Float, I Can Glide, and I Can Kick.

Stages 2 – Focuses on basic movements and orientation ability needed for swimming skills like arm action, sculling and breathing. Includes 3 sub-stages: BEG – I Can Paddle, INT – I Can Dive, and ADV – I Can Freestyle.

Stages 3 – Focuses on improving reaction/rhythm and increasing endurance for all four strokes. Advanced dives and basic starts and turns are also covered. Includes 3 sub-stages: BEG - I Can Backstroke, INT - I Can Breaststroke, and ADV - I Can Butterfly.

Aquatics for Life – Adult Lessons    LTAD 7

18+ years

Adult Swim Lessons is a progressive, skill based, learn to swim and fitness program that teaches swimming and fitness skills which are centered around butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, water safety, entries and turns.

For more information, please contact:

Rachel Baird, Aquatic Program Manager
Phone: 403.355.1261