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NEW Heart Rate Technology is coming soon to Talisman Centre's Power Cycle Classes

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Using FitMetrix will allow you to see if you are working to the capacity you think you are working. For example, you may feel you are pushing hard, but your heart rate is barely above the rest zone. With FitMetrix, you will be able to monitor your progress over time, as you will see how your heart rate changes.  Using heart rate (HR) also gives you a more accurate reflection of your calorie burn per class.  HR technology provides quantifiable data that can be used to monitor your improvements and define your overall fitness. It is also a great tool to motivate you throughout the class and in the long term. And for those who are competitive, you can have a friendly competition with your teammates! Members will see their name or nickname (you can also choose to hide), their calorie burn, percentage of max heart rate, and current heart rate. The colored squares will change as the member fluctuates through the zones.Once you are finished class you will receive an email giving you all the stats and your ranking for that class.

What do I need to do?

  1. Create an account with FitMetrix (see link below). Please sign up before your first class, but if you encounter difficulty we are happy to assist with your account set up 15 minutes prior to class start time. ***BE SURE TO STILL BOOK YOUR SPOT IN THE CLASS VIA OUR APP, ONLINE MEMBER PORTAL or by getting a Group Access Card from the front desk before class.

  2. Bring your heart rate monitor that is ANT + HR. For example Mio Link or Garmin are good brands and offer chest straps or wrist. The important part is that they state ANT+ HR. We will have a limited amount available to be borrowed.

> Set up my Fitmetrix Account