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Talisman Centre Triathlon Club

History of Talisman Centre’s Triathlon Club

Talisman Centre’s Triathlon Club (TCTC) was established in 2008 and has been the primary training facility for more than 350 athletes over the past six years. The TCTC mission is to provide committed age-group and performance athletes the resources to reach their potential by facilitating high quality experiential-based coaching, innovative training programs and integrated support services.

Who are our Club members?

Our members generally have one year of triathlon or endurance based training experience. They are goal-orientated male and female athletes ranging between 20 and 60+ years of age. Members are training for a variety of events including Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman and Ironman distances. As a Club we target several local races throughout the year where we provide coaching support and race day strategies.

What are the requirements to join?

Our coaching team asks that members have one year of racing experience. In order to participate in our bike and brick sessions, members must have their own road bike. To deliver top quality coaching and attention to each member we ask that TCTC members have the ability to swim 500 meters on their own before joining the Club.

Where do Club members train?

Talisman Centre provides athletes with a performance training environment to train for all three triathlon disciplines year-round. Athletes have the opportunity to improve technique and efficiency in the water by utilizing one of our two 8 lane 50m pools, practice to run longer distances during colder months on our 200m indoor track and treadmills, and train on their own bicycle with individually prescribe power zone using the Tacx Flow trainer units located in our 3433 Sport Performance Centre located inside Talisman Centre.



The ability to run after the cycling portion of a triathlon is a key element to having a successful race. This group training session is designed to fine tune and increase your ability to run quickly and comfortably off the bike. Triathlon Club Group Brick will help athletes adapt to the transition between the cycle and the run. Coaches will provide athletes with opportunities to build their aerobic base which will enable them to run quickly and comfortably after the bike. Coaches will also educate athletes on pacing strategies and provide them opportunities to practice the skills required for a quick transition.


Everyone knows that you swim faster in groups! Athletes are introduced to a variety of interactive drills designed to improve technique and efficiency in the water. Results from individual assessments will be used to monitor the progression and development of each athlete and will be used to determine optimal training zones. These zones will become the basis of the training for the upcoming competitive season.


Triathlon Club members will train in a group setting on their own bicycles using the Tacx Ergotrainers. Athletes can increase their cycling power by training in a motivating environment. Coaches will introduce the athletes to a variety cycling-specific drills and assessments. The results from these assessments will be used to monitor the progression and determine the ideal training zone for each athlete.


The swimming and running portions of a triathlon can be the most challenging and intimidating components of the race. Athletes will get the opportunity to improve their efficiency by perfecting their technique in both disciplines. Coaches will provide athletes with a foundation for their training through a variety of athletic drills and assessments.


2016 SEASON – The Talisman Centre Triathlon Club (TCTC) has space available. We are excited about our preparations leading into the 2016 season and are welcoming new members. Please email Jon Bird if you are interested in receiving more information about registering or have questions about the club:

Download the Winter 2015/2016 Alumni Member Registration Form (PDF)


Membership Packages

(October - July)

(10 Payments)

Membership + 8 courses



Membership + 10 courses



Membership + 12 courses




Membership Packages

(October - July)

(10 Payments)

Membership + 8 courses



Membership + 10 courses



Membership + 12 courses



** Plus GST


Triathlon Club members are required to register for a minimum of 8 courses per year to maintain their Triathlon Club membership. Members have the opportunity to switch courses every Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Athletes can customize their training schedules by registering for different courses each training quarter. Yearly lump sum and monthly payment plans are available for membership registration fees.

Talisman Centre Triathlon Club is looking for athletes who have previous race experience and own a road bike. Athletes are also required to have the ability to swim 500m before joining the club. We see success in athletes who have specific race goals and are dedicated to 80% attendance at registered classes and consistent training throughout the season.

NOTE: If you wish to discuss your medical history or goals for the year please contact Jon Bird at to learn how the TCTC could best fit your needs.


Can I register online?

With our new monthly payment system for TCTC members will have to contact Jon Bird to initiate your membership and get you set up for training. Online registrations not available.

How does the course registration work?

If you register for the Tuesday morning swim and Friday lunch hour ride for the 4 semesters (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) that would fulfill the membership + 8 course.

When do I receive my TCTC uniform?

The Club plans to order uniforms once in the early spring. You can use your credit ($110) on the first order you make.

Can I add additional courses or subtract courses from my initial membership?

You are more than welcome to add courses throughout the year but it will depend on space availability. You are required to meet the minimum 8 course registration for the year so if you have signed up for 10 and can’t use one you are eligible to receive a pro-rated course credit.

NOTE: Current members can register two weeks before new members are accepted in the Talisman Centre Triathlon Club.

Can we ride in the 3433 Sport Performance Centre area any time outside of a scheduled course?

Yes, your Talisman Centre Triathlon Club membership or 3433 Sport Performance Customized Coaching membership provides you access to the 3433 Sport Performance Centre as long as there is not a class or program currently running. At 30 minutes before any registered class you may be asked to leave to make space for the members registered in the upcoming class.

Can I attend another session or class if I miss one?

Each TCTC class has a maximum number of athletes that can participate in the class. Each session typically fills to capacity. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate more people in a session beyond our available space.

If a specific circumstance beyond your control arises and you miss a session, you can speak with your instructor or the Sport Development Manager, Jon Bird at

As a member of the Triathlon Club, are training programs provided for members?

Training programs are not provided as part of the Talisman Centre Triathlon Club. Guidance can always be solicited but our philosophy is such that providing generic programs will not properly prepare someone for achieving their goals. If you are looking for more specific programming, testing and nutritional guidance, the 3433 Sport Performance Customized Coaching Package could be a better option.

What is the best way to select courses?

We advise TCTC members to first select a discipline they feel they need the greatest coaching guidance. Many choose to do only the swim sessions for this reason. As the year progresses you are free to select other courses for variety, another ‘push’ or to meet other club members. As you become more proficient in swimming you may find that one session per week is good and select a brick training course to train for the more difficult aspect of triathlon as you move from the bike to the run.

Does the Triathlon Club train for specific events?

We do not train for specific events per se. However, The Talisman Centre Triathlon Club has typically attended the Wasa Lake Triathlon in June, the Calgary 70.3 in July and Challenge Penticton in August. Many of our members have also taken part in other triathlons such as the Canmore Olympic, Sylvan Lake Half Ironman, Peach Classic in Penticton, Kelowna Apple Triathlon, Escape from Alcatraz, Ironman Arizona, Ironman Canada and Ironman Coeur d’Alene. Most members select their races/events and then use the Club to train for these events.

Typically after a year or so with TCTC some members decide to train more seriously and hire a coach under the 3433 Sport Performance Cus¬tomized Coaching Package for a more focused training approach.

Is Talisman Centre Triathlon Club a good place for beginners?

We have a wide mix of participants in the club. Our coaches ask that all new members have the ability to swim 500 meters, own a road bike and have one triathlon under their belt before they join.

As a club we gradually build fitness and strength in the Fall. The Winter session focuses on more intensive and longer training sets, and in the Spring we begin high intensity training in preparation for the racing season ahead.

If I am already a member of Talisman Centre and I sign up for the Triathlon Club, do I get a discount on the Triathlon Club membership?

You will be withdrawn from your Talisman Centre membership option and prorated for the time remaining on that membership plan. You will then be credited the difference onto your account. The credited amount can then be applied towards your TCTC fees. If you have a family membership to Talisman Centre, please advise and we can advise the most economical membership structure we offer.

For more information on our Triathlon Club please contact Jon Bird, Sport Development Manager at or 403.355.1259.