Booking Facility Space


Why isn't there more basketball/badminton available?

Our gym space is used by our Sport Partners, leagues, programs and the public. With all of the activites that happen at Talisman Centre we guarantee at least one gym for public use all day, everyday. This gym is used for drop-in basketball and badminton. During the times that we only offer one full gymnasium for public users, it has been determined that basketball would be the sport of choice as we can accommodate a much larger number of players than any other sport. We understand the demand for badminton and therefore offer it as sport choice number two. Anytime we offer two gyms for public use, one gym will be dedicated solely to badminton. Our Public Gym Schedule has the most up to date available gym times.

Why can't one of the 50m pools stay at 50m all the time?

Our pools are used to accommodate all users of Talisman Centre including our aquatic Sport Partners, our programs and the public. Most of the groups require a 25m or 30m to train. We understand a number of our public users appreciate the opportunity to train at 50m and we do our best to accomodate. Our Public Swim Schedule has the most up to date lane availability. Please note: we are reviewing the schedule daily to see if we are able to provide additional times for 50m.

I can't find parking during your special events. Are you adding more parking spots?

Our parking lot does not have enough stalls to handle the volume of people during a major event. And we are not able to add additional stalls on our land and due to the architectural design of our building we aren't able to build a parkade. For events we take the following steps to ensure ample communication to our customers:

  • Notice on our customer alert boards, blog and website to inform of the busy event and limited parking.
  • Employ a parking attendant during peak times to ensure only people coming to use the facility are permitted to use the parking lot.
  • Contact event coordinators to promote carpooling and busing of athletes.
  • Set aside some space for members-only parking.

Why is your track booked during peak times?

Our 4 lane track is typically used by our track clubs during their training season. The high intensity of the training by these clubs doesn't allow for the clubs and public to use the track at the same time. To help compensate for the times when the track is unavailable additional treadmills have been purchased for public/recreational use as well as the addition of the 2 lane track by Gyms 4 and 5. Our Public Gym Schedule has the most up-to-date available track times.