Personal Training

Personal Training Team Bios

Anna Iskra

Started working as a Personal Trainer in 2013

EDUCATION: University of Calgary Bachelor of Kinesiology. CSEP CPT and Pre and Post Natal fitness

ABOUT ME: Calgary born and raised, but my background is Polish. I still have lots of family in Poland and love going to visit when I can. I really love the outdoors and try to spend as much time enjoying them all year round. I am crazy about winter and I try to spend every winter weekend splitboarding in the backcountry.

CAREER GOALS: My dream job is to build my own business, where I combine my passion for fitness, helping clients reach their goals, and my love of the outdoors.

WHY ARE YOU IN THE FITNESS INDUSTRY: I am a very active person because I enjoy it and know it is important for my health. Therefore, I want to educate others and help them create an interest and enjoyment in exercise and physical activity. As well as to teach people how to take care of themselves.

HOBBIES: Backcountry snowboarding/splitboarding, exercise, cooking/baking, eating what I cook/bake, and photography.

STRANGE TALENT: Crocheting and knitting. Pistol squats

BIGGEST WEIGHT ROOM PET PEEVE: When people train with weights that are too heavy for them. This results in poor form and most often leads to injuries. Exercise at your level; listen to your body and progress in a safe manner.

Ash Allen

SPECIALTY AREAS: Strength, Power and Acceleration training for Sports Performance. Training for Body Recomposition (Fat Loss and Muscle Building). Olympic Weightlifting.

BACKGROUND: Ash has been coaching full time since 2009 however has been recreationally involved in the industry since 2003. After completing some studies in Australia, Ash worked under Human Movement Scientist Tom Bruijnen in Amsterdam at a High Performance Training centre and Olympic Weightlifting facility in Amsterdam. There he trained many high profile clients and helped them achieve their body composition goals. The facility was also home to the Netherlands' first athlete to reach the Olympics in 30 years for Olympic Weightlifting and Ash was able to work closely with his coach to learn from his methodology.

Ash then travelled to work in Sao Paulo, Brazil where again he worked in a high performance facility. This training centre was home to Fernando Reis, 2012 London Olympic competitor and Pan-American champion. Ash followed an extensive course under his Cuban coach Luis Lopez detailing cuban methodology and multi year planning and biomechanics. During his stay there, he was also asked to provide a running translation of a course run by the International Weightlifting Federation from English into Portuguese.

INTERESTS: Ash is passionate in helping people achieve their goals and he enjoys spending his spare time keeping up to date with new research, practicing olympic weightlifting, travelling and mountaineering, having scaled Mont Blanc at 4800m and Huyana Potosi at 6088m. He hopes to train and plan for some challenging trips to the mountains over the next few years.

David Twan


  • Mount Royal University PFT Diploma
  • CPAFLA Certification
  • CSEP – Personal Trainer


  • Talisman Centre, Personal Trainer (2013-present)
  • Athlete Factory, Sport Conditioning Coach (2011-2013)
  • One on One Personal Fitness Instruction, Personal Trainer (2002-2012)


  • Weight Lifting
  • Track and Field
  • Basketball

Fiona Yeoman

Started working as a Personal Trainer in 2004

SPECIALTY AREAS: Pre/Post physiotherapy, Muscle imbalances, General fitness

BACKGROUND: Fiona received her BSc in Exercise and Health Physiology from the University of Calgary in 1999. Fiona has been working at the Talisman Centre since 2003, first as a weight room attendant, then as a personal trainer. She also worked in the Lifemark Lindsay Park Physiotherapy from 2004-2005 as a kinesiologist. Fiona greatly enjoys working with people who have had injuries, hoping to improve their lifestyle with exercise while alleviating the pain of their injury.

INTERESTS: Fiona used to be a competitive swimmer, competing for the University of Calgary Varsity for 5 years. After retiring from swimming, Fiona tried her hand at running and triathlons. Currently she enjoys going cross country skiing, downhill skiing, water skiing and biking with her family.

"I provide my clients with the tools to help them achieve their goals; however I feel that my clients deserve the true credit for their success – after all, they are the ones who put the time and the effort to do the workouts."


Greg Rafter

EDUCATION: BSc in Kinesiology

ABOUT ME: Here is the story all about how, my life got flipped-turned upside down, and I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there, I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Cal-gar...y

CAREER GOALS: I want to help you meet your fitness and training goals whatever they may be. My background as a strength and conditioning coach has enabled me to work with a variety of different athletes and clientele. I would like to continue to pursue my education outside of my athletic and sport related goals.

HOBBIES: Canadian Skeleton Athlete

STRANGE TALENT: I can touch my right elbow with my right hand.


Hilary Germsheid

EDUCATION: Chemical Engineering Diploma, Certified Personal Trainer

BACKGROUND: Growing up I had always been active, dancing and running cross country, but when I became a parent fitness dropped off the priority list... until I decided to register for a small local women's only triathlon. I came 3rd and decided I was in love. I love the lifestyle, the training and the sense of community.

I joined the Talisman Centre Triathlon Club in order to learn more and eventually raced longer and longer distances qualifying for the 70.3 World Championships three years running and forming what will be a lifelong love affair with cycling.

I frequently get asked questions about being a parent while training, racing and eating well and decided this was something I wanted to pursue. I have started taking courses in training, nutrition and coaching with the goal of one day teaching, training and inspiring others to make lifestyle changes of their own.

CAREER GOALS: I believe in goal setting... big goals, little goals, long term goals, short term goals... It is my personal goal to learn as much as possible to help train others and help them on their way to accomplishing their fitness goals.

HOBBIES: I love racing, cycling and spending time with my family. I have four active kids and together with my husband we enjoy camping, hiking and spending time in the mountains. When we can't get out of town we love to take full advantage of the amenities this amazing city has to offer including parks, pools, libraries and pathways.

KAT Fraser

Katarina Fraser


SPECIALTY AREAS: Strength training and conditioning / TRX / Fascia Stretch Therapy

BACKGROUND: Kat's background of sport and activity developed though competitive hockey and an array of sports such as basketball, soccer, badminton and snowboarding to name a few. She began her coaching career in high school, coaching girls hockey and continued through university. Since graduating from St. FX in 2011 with a BA in Human Kinetics Kat has gathered experience as an exercise therapist at a physiotherpy clinic and has been personal training since June 2011. Kat puts a strong emphasis on functional weight training so athletes and fitness enthusiasts can develop proper movement patterns and posture to excel their training and prevent any injuries. This past year at Talisman Centre Kat has trained an abundance of clients, small groups and has coached the Aquabelles and Cascade swim groups for drylands training.

INTERESTS: The past four years Kat has taken numerous courses to advance her knowledge for her clients. Between strength training, posutural anatomy, program design, TRX R4 Team Trainer, fascia stretch therapy and rehabilitation Kat can use a combination of expertise to challenge and progress beginners or more advanced athletes. In her free time you can catch Kat pumping iron, long boarding, golfing, mountain biking , snowboarding, just about anything to get active and outdoors!

Kat strives to educate people on functional movement patterns for clients to apply to sport and everyday life while motivating athletes to reach their goals faster than they could ever imagine. But let's have some fun in the making!

Ken Kotyk

ABOUT ME: I am dedicated passionate personal trainer, coach, Olympian and a 2 time World Championship medalist athlete. In my elite athletic career I have trained with some of the best coaches this world has to offer, during this time I have accumulated invaluable knowledge few will ever attain. I truly know what it takes to succeed and fail. In my bobsleigh career I have won 3 Gold, 3 Silver, 5 Bronze, plus missed the podium at the Turin Olympics by 0.09 seconds. What does this all translate to for you? I intimately understand what it takes to succeed and know how to bring my clients success no matter what their goals or present condition.

Kirstin Giba

Education: BSc. Kin, CSEP-CPT, in school for Nuclear Medicine Technology

ABOUT ME: I used to be a competitive swimmer, and I played soccer and rugby for many years. I want to see 50% of the countries in the world by the time I'm 35.

CAREER GOALS: Have a job that allows me to support my addiction to travelling.

HOBBIES: Creating art masterpieces, snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking, playing guitar/piano, drinking wine

STRANGE TALENT: I can sing with my mouth closed.

BIGGEST WEIGHT ROOM PET PEEVE: People who don't put away their equipment and don't bring foam rollers back to their home.

Lascelles Brown

SPECIALTY AREAS: Bobsleigh – Brakeman; Speed and Power

BACKGROUND: Lascelles grew up playing all kinds of sports in Jamaica. Because of his natural athletic ability, he was asked to try out for the Jamaican bobsleigh team. Not only did he make the team, he set a start record for the 2-man bobsleigh at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City. After marrying a Canadian, Lascelles joined the Canadian Bobsleigh team. He has so far competed for Canada in the 2006, 2010 and 2014 Olympic Games. Lascelles' accomplishments as a brakeman are vast. Not only has he won 2 Olympic Medals – a Silver in 2 man and a Bronze in 4 man, he is the 2005 World Champion in 2 man and also has Bronze and Silver World Championship Medals. He is a 4 time overall World Cup Champion, a 2 time World Push Champion and was the #1 Brakeman for 3 Olympics in a row. Lascelles has countless World Cup medals, including Monaco's only World Cup Medal ever, in any sport.

Considered one of the best brakemen in bobsledding history, he continues to train for the next Olympic Winter Games in 2018.

Lascelles has been helping to develop new bobsleigh and skeleton athletes for the past 10 years and continues to offer his expertise whenever he can. He is a natural athlete and with his skills, knowledge and leadership abilities, coaching is a natural progression for him.

INTERESTS: When Lascelles is not training or competing or coaching or public speaking, you can usually find him at home with his wife and 6 kids. He is an amazing photographer and he loves to sing.

Laurie Hutchinson

Coaching at Talisman Centre since 2013

SPECIALITY AREAS: Body alignment and postural strength through pilates, yoga, holistic coaching , strengthtraining and body rolling

BACKGROUND: Laurie has been promoting her passion since 1995 in a variety of ways. Laurie combines all her specialities to correct alignment issues and postural weeknesses, she is very passionate about her rolling techniques which focuses on fascia release.Laurie's moto:A strong core a strong body. A strong body a happy life You can see Laurie on both the trails or slopes in Fernie ,participating in her favorite activities: skiing : biking : running. As a former sponcered trail runner you can see Laurie either leisurely participating on the trails or at a competive level.

PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS: A.C.E. , AFLCA , Can-fit, balance body - physical mind, yumana

Loreen Mazur

Personal training since 2005

SPECIALTY AREAS: General Fitness

BACKGROUND: Loreen earned a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Sciences and has been working as a personal trainer at the Talisman Centre since 2006. She takes a more holistic approach with her clients by considering their stress levels, sleep patterns, past injuries, nutrition and sources of motivation in creating a more personalized training program. With a focus on proper technique and safety, Loreen strives to make the training environment fun and comfortable, while ensuring her clients reach their goals.

INTERESTS: As a former national rhythmic gymnastics team member, coach and provincial level judge, she has always been very active and now enjoys spending her time training and racing triathlons alongside her husband.

Her greatest satisfaction comes when she has motivated a client to push beyond their own perceived abilities to accomplish goals they never thought were possible.