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3433 Sport Performance Centre camps are the ultimate preparation for your race season. No matter where you race theses camps will help you to take you to the next level. Our coaches plan a high quality training for the duration of the camp with a great balance between training and recovery time. We will offer two camps in 2016 - Mallorca (Spain) and Vernon (BC). Come and join us for some fantastic training and great fun!


Come and ride some of the most scenic roads in the Okanagan Valley in the warmth of spring. Camp participants will be treated to many of the North Okanagan’s finest training routes on roads with little traffic, flat to rolling terrain, climbing, and a full schedule of training. We will also head to Penticton for one day to ride some of the regions finest roads.

This camp is not just about riding long, we have scheduled the rides to be varied for specific training, coached sessions, as well as for recovery. Athletes looking to get in some solid cycling volume in preparation for the upcoming racing season, this is a great camp to build your fitness.

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Early Bird: Oct 2 - $2,100 (member), $2,300 (non-member)
Oct 3 - Dec 4 - $2,400 (member), $2,600 (non-member)


Talisman Centre Triathlon/Cycling Camp  [ LINK ]

Mallorca is a premier training destination for cyclists and triathletes. Many of Europe's top professional athletes and teams base themselves in Mallorca for winter and spring training camps. The island is host to over 700,000 cyclists per year! Mallorca affords one of the world's best training venues for endurance athletes host¬ing with incredible selection of cycling routes, access to the ocean, temperate climate and sport-oriented resorts. Talisman Centre is pleased to offer its fourth annual Mallorca triathlon and road cycling camp in 2016. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to put in some quality swim, bike and run training away from the distractions of home and the dreariness of spring weather, under the guidance of experienced coaches, in an unforgettable setting that will motivate you to train like never before.

This camp is about building aerobic (foundation) capacity through high volume training to set you up for success in the coming race season. The training is cycling- centric. There will be opportunities for coached pool and open water swim sessions as well as specific run training inde¬pendently or in conjunction with rides. It's not just about miles though. The coaches will be providing you with technical knowledge and feedback while pushing you to newer levels of fitness and abilities all the while showing you the incredible beauty and unique vistas that Mallorca has to offer.

Included: Guided training, hotel room (prices based on double occupancy), breakfast and dinner buffet, snack lunch, airport transfer to and from hotel, pool rental, kayack supported open water swimming.

Optional for extra costs: single occupancy, bike rental, massage and physiotherapy.