3433 Sport Performance

3433 outlined


Talisman Centre is excited to announce the brand launch of 3433 Sport Performance Centre. The new brand identity identifies Calgary’s elevation in feet (3433); while bringing together our exclusive formula for performance coaching, sport science services, endurance and strength training. Our experts have broadened the Centre's programming approach to encompass all of the support tools that enhance an athlete's daily performance training environment.

"Elevating our 3433 Sport Performance Centre brand and raising awareness about the depth and breadth of its unique program portfolio will help us achieve our strategic goals, including growing our high performance reputation, attracting and retaining the best coaches and increasing stakeholder value." Jeff Booke, CEO of Talisman Centre.

The brand launch takes off with a video that aims to deeply engage and activate athletes around their shared experiences. At the heart of the video is the celebration of what it takes to be an athlete – commitment of time and energy, perseverance to do your best and the power of camaraderie and coach dynamic. We invite you to explore our new brand and honour the spirit of our athletes.