10 Mile Tri

10 Mile Tri – Sunday, March 13, 2016 


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Course Details


  • You will start in the water and SWIM 500m in circles in a single lane shared with 3-4 athletes.
  • Jump out of the North end of the Competition Pool and run over the timing mat between the Competition Pool and the Dive Tank
  • Go through the Learning Room and to your bike in Gym 1. Cycling shoes will be set up at your bike along with a towel and nutrition/hydration on your bike.


  • You will BIKE 12.5km on our TACX Flow trainer.


  • You will run 3km (15 laps) of the 200m indoor track. These loops are counter clockwise and on the inside lane.

Race Day Check List

 All participants must have own a 650c or 700c bike 

  • Bike – with 700c or 650c wheels
  • Trainer Skewer
  • Triathlon Outfit (shorts and top that you can swim, bike and run in)
  • Bike Shoes
  • Running Shoes (socks if needed)
  • Water Bottle
  • Towels x 2 (1 for under the bike and 1 for post-race shower)
  • Post-race clothing and shower accessories

Race Day Details: Sunday, March 13, 2016


  • Volunteers and 1st heat of athletes arrive; remaining athletes can arrive no later than 1 hour prior to heat start
  • Athletes proceed to Gym 1 for bike set up (volunteers will be on hand to help)


  • Swim warm-up begins and is open for 30mins
  • Bike warm-up is allowed for the first heat
  • Gym 1 will be broken up into 2 halves (front and back) with minimum 24 trainers in each


  • Athletes clear the water for race start
  • First group of bikes must be ready (computers calibrated and zeroed out, cycling and running shoes at the bike, towel on the floor)

 8:30am : RACE START 

  • Heats of 25 people starting every 30mins (heats based on swim times with 3-4 per lane)
  • Volunteers will ensure each bike computer is set to 0.0km and ready to record distance
  • Heat 1's bikes will be set up in the front of Gym 1
  • Heat 2's bikes will be set up at the back of Gym 1 
  • Once a participant from Heat 1 is finished and it is deemed safe, a volunteer will remove their bike from the trainer and place it to the side. A participant from Heat 2 may now set up their bike on this trainer and start calibrating, etc. And so on throughout the heats.
  • Bikes that have completed the race will be lined up against the front, North and East walls of Gym 1 by volunteers

 11:00am : Final Heat



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$10 from your registration fee will help to fund amateur athlete bursaries through The John Currie Amateur Sport Legacy Fund