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NEW button_cyan  Let our Running Technical Specialist, Llew Edwards, assess your strengths and weaknesses and tailor a workout to build your stamina for the final miles of your race. Using a customized dynamic warm up and leg speed foot contact drills you will become more aware of your stride and how to prevent future injury while maximizing speed. Do these on your own or challenge a group of friends.


Members Non-Members
4 sessions (one on one) $280 $292
8 sessions (one on one) $540 $566
8 sessions (group of 2) $357 $399
8 sessions (group of 3+) $305 $340
12 sessions (group of 2) $492 $546
12 sessions (group of 3+) $468 $491
24 sessions (group of 2) $898 $967
24 sessions (group of 3+) $718 $789

NOTE: Pricing listed is per person. Subject to change.

Llew Edwards // Run Specialist

Coaching Since: 1987
Specialty Areas: Strength and Conditioning, Program Design


Background: As an Olympic-calibre athlete, Llew trained from 1988 to 2002 alongside some of the fastest track & field and bobsleigh athletes in the world. He hung up the cleats and the high speeds of the bobsleigh, bearing the 2010 Winter Olympic torch down the bobsleigh track in Calgary. Llew mastered the art of body awareness and positioning during his years as an athlete and became a certified trainer and conditioning coach with certifications in stretching and sports science. Llew has coached both professional and amateur sport athletes, including some in the CFL, NFL, NHL and at the university level. He is always up for trying a new sport for the experience of pushing through and reaching new heights, and the joy of keeping a healthy mind, healthy body.

Interests: Llew loves music, art, movies, sports and good conversation. When he's not at the gym, you can often find him in the mountains.

"A total commitment is principal to reaching the ultimate in performance; it's a self portrait."



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