Personal Training & Nutrition

Nutrition Packages

Basic: The Fundamentals Package    LTAD 34567

Includes initial one-on-one consultation with our Registered Dietitian, a customized nutrition menu plan that meets your energy needs and lifestyle preferences, and continued support with two ½ hour follow-ups.

Deluxe: The Comprehensive Package    LTAD 34567

The package includes a 3-day detailed nutrient analysis of your average intake of carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin and mineral amounts in comparison to the ideal values. Our Registered Dietitian will interpret the results and prepare a customized menu plan to meet your daily energy and nutrient needs. You also receive three ½ hour follow-ups for continued support and further development of your nutrition plan.

À la Carte: The Custom Package    LTAD 34567

Customized packages are available to further meet your specific needs. Examples include additional follow-up packages, grocery tours, body composition testing, group or family sessions, or nutrition and personal training package.


Member Non-Member
Basic: The Fundamentals Package $300 $333
Deluxe: The Comprehensive Package $488 $542
À la Carte: The Custom Package Contact for pricing

Personal Training + Nutrition    LTAD 34567

4 + 1

Give yourself a fantastic kick-start toward your goals! Includes 4 Training Sessions + 1 hour Nutrition Consultation.

8 + 1

Keep it up! Your goals are in sight! Includes 8 Training Sessions + 1 hour Nutrition Consultation.

20 + 1

Ensure success by committing to changing your life! Includes 20 Training Sessions + 1 hour Nutrition Consultation. 


Member Non-Member
4 + 1 $377 $417
8 + 1 $661 $735
20 + 1 $1260 $1400

The Flex Program    LTAD 34567

Get it all! This is the ultimate program that includes testing, nutrition coaching, meal planning and personal training. You will work with highly skilled professionals to customize your program. Ready to make the commitment? This program is your key to success!

Member Non-Member
3 months $985 $985
6 months $1700 $1700
Service 3 months 6 months
Body Composition Analysis 2 3
Goal Setting 1 1
Initial Consultation 1 1
Nutrient Analysis 1 1
Customized Meal Template 1 2
Personal Training
Customized Training Session 4 8
Flex Sessions
(options to choose training or nutrition sessions) 
4 8


Prices subject change.