Executive Locker Room Memberships

It's the small things that count, so we've added some little luxuries to make you feel better and to help you relax after your workouts. Our executive locker rooms provide many great benefits and we know you'll enjoy the exceptionally clean, private and quiet surroundings.

Executive Locker Rooms Features

  • Complimentary day-use towel service
  • Lockable tote assignment to keep your valuables and gym stuff stored safely all year
  • Private day-use lockers
  • Water cooler
  • Showers with conditioning shampoo
  • Managed with limited occupancy to ensure less crowds and more privacy
  • Fresh flowers for an inviting ambiance
  • Grooming essentials such as blow-dry stations complete with a flat iron for women, as well as deodorants and other skin-care essentials.
  • We want to continue to make your experience a great one, so we will be testing other complimentary amenities on a monthly basis. We encourage you to fill out the comment cards provided and let us know what you liked or what you'd like to additionally see.


How do I register for an Executive Locker room? And is there availability?

Currently both the Men's and Women's Executive locker rooms are currently full; if you are a current Annual Member you may send a request to info@talismancentre.com to be added to the waitlist.

How much does an Executive Locker Room Membership cost?

$419* a year with an Annual Monthly Membership, Annual Full Pay Membership or Triathlon Membership.

$419* a year with purchase of a Personal Training or ETS services - minimum of $2000 of services within that year to qualify.

*Prices are subject to change.

You can choose to pay for the full amount up front or month to month. For monthly payments you will need to provide a valid credit card or valid EFT information.

Is there an age restriction for the Executive Locker Rooms?

Yes, Executive Members must be 18 years or older.

Can I bring friends or family members into the Executive Locker Rooms?

No, the Executive Locker rooms are for Executive Locker Room Members only.

Do I get my own locker?

Executive Members are assigned personal, lockable totes. There are lockers available for day-use only.

Do you pro-rate the cost to coincide with my Membership expiry date?


Is there laundry service?


Is there a steam room or hot tub in the Executive Locker Room?

No, not inside the locker room. However, just steps away on the pool deck, we offer a steam room, as well as a 6-person and a 20-person hot tub.

Do I need to be a Member to purchase an Executive Locker Room membership?

You need to be an Annual Full Pay, Annual Monthly, or Triathlon Club Member or be registered with ETS or Personal Training in order to purchase or waitlist for the Executive Locker Room membership.

How do I get access to the locker rooms if I forget my card?

Just stop by the Customer Service Desk and one of our friendly staff will verify that you are an Executive Member and provide you with access.

What if I lose my Executive Membership card?

There is a $10 replacement fee.

What if I purchase an Executive Membership and then change my mind – can I get a refund?

Yes, we will pro-rate the Membership and put a credit on your account. We do not refund for non-usage.