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Fall 2013 Registration 

Member EARLY BIRD Registration – September 11, 2013
Non-Member Registration – September 12, 2013

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What is Long-Term Athlete Development?

Long–Term Athlete Development (LTAD) is a structured pathway that follows CS4L principles to optimize the development of our athletes at all ages and stages of their development. LTAD is a training, competition and recovery pathway based on developmental age–the maturational level of an individual – rather than chronological age. 

The LTAD symbol you see throughout the website represents what stages our programs and services fall under. Click here for more information on LTAD at Talisman Centre.


Aquatic Private Lessons    LTAD 1237 

New and improved private aquatic lessons now include goal setting, specialized instruction and customization to meet you or your child's needs. In these one-on-one sessions you'll see advanced progression in both technique and endurance. It's way more than a swimming lesson! Maximum of 2 people.

Ducklings and Dinos    LTAD 1

Come play and learn with your 6 month - 3 year old! Babies and toddlers can explore the water through activities, songs and games while also having the comfort of their care givers by their side. Lessons include water safety, comfort and play in the water, and an introduction of a few basic swimming skills. Class will be split into age and ability levels on the first day.

SEARS I CAN SWIM Preschool    LTAD 2

A progressive, skill based, learn to swim program that teaches 51 water skills and focuses on entries and exits, submersion and breath control, floating, gliding and treading water. Building upon these initial skills, swimmers will begin to work on skills needed for butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Class will be split into age and ability levels on the first day.


A progressive, skill based, learn to swim program that teaches 54 water skills and focuses on butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke, freestyle, water safety, entries and turns. The program will progress from skills such as submerging, floating, kicking and gliding in Stage 1 to include deep water paddling and treading, diving, freestyle and backstroke in Stage 2. Fitness and endurance becomes a focus as well as breaststroke and butterfly in Stage 3. Class will be split into age and ability levels on the first day.

Aquatics for Life – Adult Lessons    LTAD 7

Adult Swim Lessons is a progressive, skill based, learn to swim and fitness program that teaches swimming and fitness skills which are centered around butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, water safety, entries and turns.

Talisman Junior Masters Swim Club    LTAD 234

Are you a swimmer who has achieved basic swimming skills and wants to refine and perfect these skills, but is not able to put the commitment in to join a competitive swim club? Junior Masters is a new and exciting approach to learning advanced swimming skills for children and youth, 10 to 18 years old. The program will provide professional coaching, stroke correction, technical instruction, and a swim meet. Our goal is to help instill a lifetime passion for swimming and spark a higher interest in competition.

Talisman Masters Swim Club    LTAD 3457

Are you comfortable in the water and have a good understanding of the four key strokes? Have you always been interested in swimming and looking for a workout that builds strength, develops your muscles and increases your endurance? Our Masters Swim Club will help you to perfect your technique, become stronger, faster and more confident in the water. Learn the techniques that will change the way you swim, change the way you work out and change your lifestyle. You'll be given opportunities to enter various competitions according to your skill level.

Junior Lifeguard Club    LTAD 37

The Junior Lifeguard Club (JLC) program accommodates youth ages 8 to 15 years old with different abilities. Participants are encouraged to develop skills based on personal bests in swimming, lifesaving, fitness, knowledge, leadership, and teamwork. JLC provides high activity challenges in an energetic environment in the pool and on the deck. JLC competitions and community involvement are also part of the program. Must be able to complete a distance of 25m prior to start of course.

Bronze Medallion    LTAD 37

Kick off lifeguarding certifications in Bronze Medallion! You will learn basic knowledge of water rescue, scene assessment, judgment and first aid skills including CPR -B. Canadian Lifesaving Manual and exam fees are included! Swimming ability should be at a SEARS I Can Swim Stage 4 or Red Cross Swim Kids 10.

Bronze Cross    LTAD 37

Acquire critical lifesaving knowledge in Bronze Cross! Study aquatic safety supervision, water rescue and emergency procedures while developing your judgment, leadership and rescue skills. Exam fees are included.

National Lifeguard Service    LTAD 37

Become an expert in lifesaving during NLS! Develop technical, physical and judgment skills with a focus on drowning prevention and emergency procedures. This course is guaranteed to enrich your leadership skills and confidence. Manual and exam fees are included. All participants must be Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid certified prior to course start date.


Endurance Programs

ETS Customizable Coaching Packages    LTAD 4567

ETS Training packages are designed to meet the complete training needs of endurance athletes. Talisman Centre provides the perfect training environment for athletes of all levels with access to qualified coaches, trainers and nutritionists to help provide training guidance, motivation, expertise and support. This unique training package provides endurance athletes the services often only available to high-performance athletes at an attractive cost under one roof. Athletes who have committed to a 6-month package have all achieved personal bests and reached new performance levels.

ETS Advanced Base Building    LTAD 4567

These challenging 2-hour workouts are meant to push you and will increase your overall cycling fitness. Sessions are coached by real athletes and professional coaches bringing a unique and motivational environment for all athletes. Individualized power training zones and a power profile will be developed for each participant to provide more accurate and focused training. This is the perfect training program for those taking part in bicycle racing, Gran Fondos and triathlon events.

ETS Triathlon Swim    LTAD 34567

Noon-hour swim open to all triathletes interested in refining techniques to maximize comfort, efficiency, speed and endurance in the water. Learn under the guidance of our experienced coaches how to swim effectively and efficiently, not just how to survive in the water.

ETS Testing    LTAD 34567

Blood lactate testing is an advanced method of assessing and monitoring your body's responses to training. Measuring your blood lactate can help determine the type of training an athlete should focus on during the various phases of the season. The results of the lactate test are used to create specific power or pacing and heart rate zones to maximize an athlete's training program. Scheduling tests throughout the season allows you to measure your progress and adjust your training to stay on track.

Triathlon Club 

For Triathlon Club programs please visit our Triathlon Club Progams page. Please note, these programs are open to Talisman Centre Triathlon Club members only.