Scuba Diving


Dive Tank is currently closed due to Dive Tower Construction

Need a place to practice Scuba Diving? 
Come to Talisman Centre and use our Dive Tank! 


Sundays from 7:00pm – 10:00pm   


Included in your membership or Drop-In admission.

General Info:

  • Talisman Centre has the only Dive Tank in Calgary
  • The tank is 5 meters deep, 20 meters wide, and 20 meters long
  • We have a designated padded area for divers to equip themselves
  • Our Lifeguards are trained to respond to scuba diving emergencies
  • Public change rooms, day-use lockers, and showers are available


  • Divers must present proof of Open Water certification or equivalent and picture ID
  • All divers must dive with a buddy or in-groups no larger than three
  • Talisman Centre does not provide equipment or instructors
  • Dive tanks must have a rubber bottom or a plastic tank boot
  • Visual inspection sticker and hydrostatic stamp must be current and affixed to the tank
  • Diver may not dive with a psi reading lower than 500
  • Divers who use lead weights on their weight belt must cover (taped) the weights to prevent marking pool tiles
  • Other weight belt systems must be in good condition
  • Unauthorized lessons may not be conducted during public time


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