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Talisman Centre offers a variety of Registered Programs and you do not need to be a Member to sign up! From swimming lessons to Personal Training to Preschool for Active Living – we've got classes and programs for all age groups and skill levels. 

2016 Spring Program Registration

Members – February 8, 2016
Non-Members – February 9, 2016

Download the Spring 2016 Registered Programs Price List (PDF)


2015/16 Winter Program Registration

Members – November 9, 2015
Non-Members – November 10, 2015

Download the WINTER 2015/16 Registered Programs Price List (PDF)

How to Register 

NOTE: New account requests and program registrations are no longer accepted by phone.

Do you have an account (barcode and PIN)?

NO, I do not have an account

You need to request a new account set up in person or by email ( 48 hours prior to the day of registration. Please include the first and last name of the person who will be registered and their date of birth. Also include a guardian telephone number, email address, and current address including postal code.

I'm not sure

You will have an account if you have previously:

  • Registered for a program
  • Purchased a facility pass

You can obtain existing a participant barcode and PIN the day prior to registering by visiting Online Registration Portal, click on login, then on “Forgot Password?”. If your email address is current in our system you will automatically be sent your barcode and PIN. If you have not provided us your email or it is outdated please contact customer service the day prior to registering at – please specify the participants full name and date of birth, as well as a current email address. If this is a first time participant or someone without an existing membership or pass please see instructions above and allow 48 hours for a response.

YES, I have an account

  • Proceed to our Online Registration Portal
  • Or visit us in person to register