Endurance Training


ETS Indoor Cycling Programs

Do I have to bring my bike?

All athletes that register for ETS Indoor Cycling Programs are required to bring their own bicycle. The ETS Indoor Cycling Programs provides each participant with a Tacx Flow Ergotrainer during the class. This device allows athletes to train on their own bicycles in a stationary environment.

Can we use the Tacx Flow Ergotrainers any time outside of a scheduled class?

The registration fee for the ETS courses provides you access to the ETS/Tri Club Mezzanine for the duration of the class and 30 minutes prior to the start of the class. When ETS classes are not in session, this area is used for Triathlon Club, Comprehensive Clients and Testing. Athletes who have memberships to the Talisman Centre will not have access to the ETS/Triathlon Club Mezzanine unless they are a ETS customized coaching package or Triathlon Club member.

Can I attend another session or class if I miss one?

Each ETS Registered Program has a maximum number of athletes that can participate in the class. Each session typically fills to capacity. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate more people in a session beyond our available space. Your registration only covers your entrance to the facility for the specific class that you registered for.

If a specific circumstance beyond your control arises and you miss a session, you can speak with the Group Fitness, Programs & Services Team Leader.

Can I leave my bike in the Endurance Training Area?

The ETS/Triathlon Club Mezzanine does not have the space to allow participants to store their bicycles for the duration of the course. Athletes are required to take their bicycles home with them after each class.

Additional information:

The coaches will provide the athletes with up to 2 gels per participant for each session. There are water fountains in the area. Athletes are encouraged to bring their own water bottles, drink mixes and/or towels for each session.

Participants are provided a swipe card that will give them access to the facility on the day of the registered program/class. Please stop by the Customer Service Desk prior to your registered start date to have your photo taken and pass printed.

This card will allow participants to enter the Talisman Centre 30 minutes prior to the class start time. Participants are therefore permitted to begin setting up their bike 30 minutes prior to the class start time but no sooner.

ETS Coaching Services

Do you provide coaching services to endurance athletes?

Talisman Centre provides a series of services to suit all budgets, ability levels and needs for endurance athletes. Contact the Group Fitness, Programs & Services Team Leader for more information and to set up a consultation to explore the best options for you.

What is the customized program design?

Our coaching team can develop a fully customized training schedule for you based on your goals, commitment level, work and life schedule. You will receive a training program via email from your coach that details the type of training, the intensity of training, the total number of minutes and objectives of the training for each day. Programs are typically developed over a 28 day period which allows changes to the overall plan to be made in case of injury, missed training blocks or whatever life might throw at you.

This option is also well suited to those who train one their own, at another facility, out of town or do not wish to commit to or need the training spaces at the Talisman Centre.

What are the Customized 3 & 6 months training packages?

The customized training packages are designed to meet the complete training needs of endurance athletes. This unique training package provides endurance athletes the services often available only to high-performance athletes at an attractive cost under one roof! We combine all our services such as program design, testing, nutrition consultations along with a facility membership for the duration of the program and represent the best overall value services we offer.

This option is well suited to those looking to train at the Talisman Centre to utilize the numerous facility spaces such as the pool, weight room and of course the Endurance Training Zone.

If I am already a member of the Talisman Centre and I sign up for a Customized Training Package, do I get a discount on the Comprehensive package?

You will be withdrawn from your membership option and prorated for any time remaining on that membership plan. You will then be credited the difference onto your account and then the credited amount can be applied towards your Comprehensive package.