Facility FAQ's


Why is the gate not opening when I scan my card?

There are a number of reasons, one being that your account has expired and you need to see a Customer Service Representative. Another is that you may not be holding the barcode in front of the electronic scanner properly.

Where can I find Group Fitness Class Schedules?

Daily Group Fitness Class schedules can be found by accessing www.talismancentre.com. The schedule can be found under 'Programs & Services' – 'Group Fitness' – 'Class Schedule'.

The Group Fitness Schedule can also be accessed on our Loyalty APP under the 'Classes' tab.

When is there public lane swimming?

Daily public lane swimming times can be accessed up to 48 hours in advance at www.talismancentre.com. The schedule can be found under 'Our Facility' – 'What We Offer' – 'Public Gym/Swim Times'.

How long are the tracks?

  • Track 1 – inside lane (lane 1) 200m, outside lane (lane 4) 224m
  • Track 2 – inside lane (lane 1) 140m, outside lane (lane 2)152 m

Why isn't there any paper towel in the change rooms/washrooms anymore?

Talisman Centre is striving to become more Eco Friendly and in doing this we are working to reduce paper consumption. In the public locker rooms we have installed high powered/ efficient hand dryers to counteract not using paper towel.

As a paying Member, why is it that I cannot find parking during event days? What is being done about this?

Over the last two years we have set up a number of initiatives to help manage parking, these include:

  • Overflow parking at the Elbow Casino
  • Designated member and event parking areas during events
  • Offsite staff parking and additional parking lot attendants
  • Encourage participants to carpool and park offsite
  • More communication with advance notice to members and better signage
  • Accommodate programs such as Group Fitness by moving classes to other areas rather than cancel
  • Customer only locker use during events
  • Request event organizers to promote transit use and car-pooling, and communicate onsite bus parking is permitted

Why do the toilets flush multiple times while in use?

The Building Operations Team has made the necessary adjustments to the touch free toilet fixtures so they will not flush multiple times during one use.

Why do I need to enter a password every time I try to access Talisman Centre’s wifi?

At any given time we have a large number of members and customers that use our wifi while using the facility. And we love that we can offer you this service! To ensure that only users of Talisman Centre are accessing our wifi, we have created a password input page that needs to be entered every time you enter the facility and want to access our wifi. This helps us filter out any users in surrounding areas allowing us to maintain a more reliable wifi network to current users.


Why does the music have to be so loud during the classes?

This is an ongoing balancing act that we are constantly trying to achieve for our members, tenants and employees . The Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code states that we as an employer must not expose our workers to decibels higher than 94 dBA in an 1 hour time frame or 85 dBA ongoing. We can reference the 1 hour standard because that is the duration of our Group Fitness programs when the most noise is generated. Talisman Centre created our noise policy to reflect our respect for ALL persons in our facility by lowering our protocol to 80 dBA as the highest.

We are responsive to the concerns of our members and encourage any department to turn down the music at any time in the class if it is too loud or reads too high on our decibel reader.

Why am I only allowed into the Strength and Balance Studio 15 minutes prior to the start of a class?

This is due to safety reasons, as there is not any regular staff in the lower level, we need to wait until the instructor arrives and then the instructor will open the studio. This ensures that there is someone available should there be any safety concern. For example: a member slipping on the floor because they are wearing socks.

Why are all 4 lanes of the track booked at any given time? Why can't the public and sport partners share the track?

Talisman Centre operates under a dual mandate as directed by The City of Calgary to support both Members and Sport Partner Athletes. We are in constant pursuit to successfully balance our dual mandate and are proud to offer our facility and services to these diverse groups. We appreciate and thank all our members and customers for helping us achieve this.

We have explored options for sharing the track, but due to the number of Track Athletes running at one time and sprinting, it has been deemed unsafe for all parties involved to share the track with the general public.

Why do I have to pick up an access card at Customer Service for certain Group Fitness Classes?

Pilates Flex, Power Cycle, Zumba, Group Core, Turbo H20, Adrenaline and Yoga classes require a Group Fitness Access Card – as they are deemed at or near capacity or high in demand classes. The access card system provides a fair and equitable means for our customers to attend these classes, and helps us monitor the number of participants so we can continually assess demand and trends. Access card pick up opens 1 hour prior to class times and is on a first come first serve basis. Or customers can book through our app 48 hrs in advance of the class, and then no access card is required.

What are the dimensions of the activity spaces?

  • Gym 1: 10, 296 square feet
  • Gym 2: 10, 861 square feet
  • Gym 3: 10, 296 square feet
  • Gym 4: 7,475 square feet
  • Gym 5: 7, 475 square feet
  • Track 1: Inside lane- 200 metres
  • Second lane- 208 metres
  • Third lane- 216 metres
  • Outside lane- 224 metres
  • Track 2: Inside lane- 140 metres
  • Outside lane-152 metres
  • Multi-Purpose Studio 1: 1837 square feet
  • Multi-Purpose Studio 2: 1485 square feet
  • High Performance Sports Training Area: 2128 square feet


Why isn't there more public swim lane availability?

Talisman Centre guarantees 100 metres for public swim at all times. This often takes the form of 4X 25m lanes, or 2X 50m lanes. We also book pool space for private swim lessons, registered swim programs, school groups, and Sport Partners.

Talisman Centre operates under a dual mandate as directed by The City of Calgary to support both Members and Sport Partner Athletes. We are in constant pursuit to successfully balance our dual mandate and are proud to offer our facility and services to these diverse groups. We appreciate and thank all our members and customers for helping us achieve this.

Why aren't there any stairs or ramps to access the competition pool?

The Competition pool was specifically designed for competition. This means that it is very rectangular in order to create symmetry and fair play. This is why you don't see stairs, ramps, ladders, or other "add-ons". These add-ons would create unfair advantage or a disadvantage to a competitor if they were there. These "add-ons" can only be created as permanent fixtures and therefore cannot be removed for competition.

What are the temperatures of the pools (in Degree Celsius)?

  • South Pool: 28 degrees
  • North Pool: 28 degrees
  • East Pool: 28 degrees
  • West Pool: 28 degrees
  • Teach Pool: 33 degrees
  • Dive Tank: 29 degrees

How deep are the pools?

  • South Competition Pool: 2.6 metres
  • North Competition Pool: 1.8 metres
  • East Training Pool: 3.02 metres
  • West Training Pool: 1.2 metres
  • Dive Tank: 5 metres
  • Teach Pool: 1.2 metres to 0.6 metres



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