Nutrition Packages

Build the Balance

If you're working out without working on nutrition, it's like you're driving a car without any fuel. Get the right kind of fuel in your tank with Nutrition Services at Talisman Centre. Don't go half-way with your fitness; get some guidance on nutrition from our skilled Registered Dietician.


The Fundamentals Package

One-on-one hour consultation with our Registered Dietitian, a great opportunity to dial in your nutrition ask some specific pointed questions about how to achieve your current fueling goals.

The Comprehensive Package

The package includes an analysis of a 3-day food log and nutrition intake form that gives our Registered Dietitian the tools tol interpret the results and prepare a customized meal plan to meet your daily energy and nutrient needs. You also receive two ½ hour follow-ups for continued support and modifications of your nutrition plan.

                                                        Member               Non-Member

The Fundamentals Package        $150                        $165

The Comprehensive Package     $222                      $254

Nutrition Services - FAQ

How do I determine what Nutrition service is the best for me?

Our nutrition professionals are here to help you determine what program and service best suits your needs. Talisman Centre's program providers work as a team and they will coordinate to find the best fit for your goals and requests. Feel free to give us a call to discuss the options available.

Will I just be given the Canada Food Guide?

While the Canada Food Guide offers balanced appropriate general guidelines, Nutrition Services at Talisman Centre are customized to the individual. By taking into account health and medical history, food preferences, food intolerance and allergies, lifestyle, work schedule, exercise and activity regime, and overall goals, we can customize a nutrition plan that functions above and beyond general guidelines. Expect to look at lifestyle changes not a diet. And be ready to engage in a conversation about food and all it can offer!

What can I expect from a follow-up session?

The follow-up sessions can be a mini consultation, focusing on new topics not discussed in the initial consultation. The follow-ups can further build on the initial nutrition plan; clients can ask questions that may arise from implementing a new way of eating and looking at nutrition and therefore require clarification. The follow-ups have also been effective as the 'accountability' piece often missing from other nutrition plans. One size does not fit all and the follow-ups are set up to function for the client.

My benefits package covers Nutrition Services provided by a Registered Dietitian, are the service providers Registered Dietitians?

Yes. Many business insurance plans or health spending accounts cover nutrition services provided by a Registered Dietitian. Check your plan − the varying insurance companies have different policies and coverage. Be sure to see what and how much is covered annually and the stipulations per visit. Talisman Centre will provide a detailed receipt outlining the nutrition service, cost and permit number of the Dietitian required for your submission. In Alberta, Registered Dietitians are classified as 'Authorized Medical Practitioners' (, keep the receipts from the nutrition sessions which can be used for a non-refundable tax credit.

Do I have to be a member to sign up for the Nutrition Services?

Not at all. Anyone can sign up for our Nutrition Services, however, Talisman Centre does offer discounted prices on all Nutrition and testing services for our members.

For more information regarding Nutrition programs and services please phone Lori Baker 403.355.1259 or email at