Personal Training & Nutrition

Team Bios

Kevin Clarke

Kevin Clarke

Training Since: 2009
Specialty Areas: General Fitness, Weight Loss, Strength Development

Background: Kevin graduated from the University of Victoria in 2012 with a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, before moving to Calgary and joining the Talisman Centre team. A certified Personal Trainer through CSEP, Kevin centres his training programs around a handful of compound movements that challenge the full body, before adding in isolation movements that target specific muscle groups. Your training should focus more on quality exercises and technique, rather than quantity of repetitions.

Interests: Kevin has played sports his entire life. Some of his favourites include hockey, basketball, golf and skiing.

"Don't wish for it, work for it." 

cory harvey

Cory Harvey

Training Since: 2010
Specialty Areas: General Fitness

Background: Cory started out playing hockey and eventually transitioned from playing hockey to coaching. He holds an NCCP Coaching Certificate in hockey and has coached Midget teams, the Special Olympics and an all-women's team. Cory graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Kinesiology, is a Certified Personal Trainer and white water rafting guide.

Interests: Cory enjoys playing hockey, mountain biking, skiing, golf, squash, canoeing, and white water rafting. Almost anything outdoors.

"The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender."

Michelle Hunter

Training Since: 2006
Specialty Areas: General Strength and Conditioning, Endurance Training, Running Injury Prevention

Background: Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, a Masters Degree in Applied Exercise Physiology, and is a CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist. She is also currently studying to become an RN. With a background in competitive team and individual sports, Michelle is currently focusing on endurance events. She believes that training should be fun, dynamic, and challenging and strives to provide her clients with functional strength for injury prevention and enhanced performance. Michelle wants to help her clients set and achieve goals that they may not have thought possible on their own.

Interests: Michelle is passionate about outdoor persuits. She loves backcountry and cross country skiing, climbing, hiking, and trail running (and is currently training for her first trail Ultra Marathon). She enjoys triathlons, and olympic lifting as well. At home she enjoys cooking and readings.

Never be afraid to set lofty goals. You will be amazed what you can achieve when you dedicate yourself to your dreams!

andrew kingscote

Andrew Kingscote

Training Since: 2004
Specialty Areas: Clinical Exercise Physiology, Athlete Development, and General Fitness

Background: After 9 years teaching high school physical education, science and outdoor education, Andrew returned to his kinesiology roots to complete his Bachelors and Masters of Kinesiology at the U of C. He's a Certified Exercise Physiologist (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology) and a Clinical Exercise Specialist (American College of Sports Medicine). His master's work was focused not only on people with chronic lung conditions, but those of any age with all forms of physical limitations related to lifestyle. Andrew has not only worked with general clients looking for overall health and athletic improvements but also persons with COPD, hypertension, cardiac conditions, diabetes, arthritis, MS, and Parkinson's.

Interests: Besides enjoying living a healthy "balanced" lifestyle, Andrew enjoys the outdoors, running, and a warm sunny afternoon of activity.

Most people under estimate what they can achieve. No goal is insurmountable given the right amount of nurturing, knowledge, and determination.

Andrew McCloskey

Andrew McCloskey

Training Since: 2005
Specialty Areas: Lifestyle Change, General Fitness and TRX Training

Background: While physical activity was Andrew's nemesis as a teenager, he came to realize that he needed to make a lifestyle change as an adult. He began by hiring a personal trainer, soon discovered he liked to run, and 18 months later completed his first marathon. His current passions are triathlon and general fitness. Andrew enjoys working with clients on weight loss, improving fitness, and lifestyle change while keeping things fun and focused. He has a Bachelor of Physical Education and recently completed a Master of Public Health examining how environmental and societal factors influence health status. Andrew is a Certified Exercise Physiologist with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP-CEP) and is certified with TRX Suspension Training.

Interests: Andrew enjoys anything and everything endurance, which is a good thing as he loves to cook and bake. Over the past few years he has developed an intense passion for the mountains and is always planning his next trip to the backcountry. He is also an avid international traveller.

Andrew works with his clients to set reasonable goals for lifestyle change, and identifies motivational strategies to make that happen.

Lachlan Mitchell

Training Since: 2008
Specialty Areas: General Health & Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, Athlete Development

Background: Lachlan holds a Bachelor of Exercise & Science and a Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics from his home town of Sydney, Australia. He has been working in exercise and health for the past 6 years in gyms, hospitals, weight loss centres and universities. Having taught nutrition and exercise at the Australian Cathloic University, Lachlan educates his clients to empower them towards their goals. Lachlan enjoys working in general health and fitness, as well as sports performance, himself coming from a semi-professional rugby union background.

Interests: Lachlan loves being active. Growing up playing sports exposed him to many different activities, which he has kept up to this day. Lachlan still plays rugby, and enjoys strutting the beach in his budgy smugglers.

"Like the fox, I run with the hunted. And if I'm not the happiest man on Earth, I'm surely the luckiest man alive."

loreen pesto

Loreen Pesto

Training Since: 2004
Specialty Areas: General Fitness

Background: Loreen earned a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Sciences and has been working as a personal trainer at the Talisman Centre since 2006. She takes a more holistic approach with her clients by considering their stress levels, sleep patterns, past injuries, nutrition and sources of motivation in creating a more personalized training program. With a focus on proper technique and safety, Loreen strives to make the training environment fun and comfortable, while ensuring her clients reach their goals.

Interests: As a former national rhythmic gymnastics team member, coach and provincial-level judge, she has always been very active and now enjoys running, cycling, hiking and spending time outdoors.

Loreen's greatest satisfaction comes when she has motivated a client to push beyond their own perceived abilities to accomplish goals they never thought were possible.

jocelyne svensson

Jocelyne Svensson

Training Since: 2003
Specialty Areas: General Fitness, Disabilities/Special Needs Training,Pilates and Core Training

Background: Jocelyne not only trains and educates, but lives fitness and the healthy lifestyle, a credo she developed early on in her life. She took this passion with her to Mount Royal University, where she graduated specializing in personal fitness training, specific program design, counselling and fitness assessments. Jocelyne not only has the education and passion to encourage anyone, she also has a wealth of experience (7 years) with which to encourage and motivate any person in pursuit of fitness.

Interests: Jocelyne is active in a broad range of activites from competitive sports such as Ti Kwon Do, horse barrel racing and track and field; to participating in adventure sports and personally pushing herself to achieve her personal best while backcountry skiing, mountain biking, motorcycle sports as well as dog sledding.

With her knowledge, experience and passion, Jocelyne can help you achieve your personal best.

kimber thornton

Kimber Thornton

Training Since: 2012
Specialty Areas: Healthy Fitness, Injury Rehabilitation, Running Injuries and Programs

Background: Kimber has had a lifelong passion for sports and getting people involved in activity at all levels. She graduated with a Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary and has been working as a Certified Athletic Therapist since June 2010. She uses her longstanding background in exercise prescription and injury rehabilitation principles to create programs that help clients stay active, pain free, and push for their individual fitness goals.

Interests: Kimber is an avid runner and is always up for a challenge in new sports or activities. While she is pursuing further education she tries to keep balanced by staying connected to her family and friends, being active, and finding a few free moments to travel and relax.

"Success is about having, excellence is about being" – Mike Ditka.

fiona yeoman

Fiona Yeoman

Training Since: 2004
Specialty Areas: Pre- and Post-Physiotherapy, Muscle Imbalances, General Fitness

Background: Fiona received her BSc in Exercise & Health Physiology from the U of C in 1999. Fiona has been working at the Talisman Centre since 2003, first as a weight room attendant, then as a personal trainer. She also worked at LifeMark Lindsay Park Physiotherapy from 2004-2005 as a kinesiologist. The experience of working in the industry physiotherapy aided her in creating a Talisman Centre program called Post-Physiotherapy Exercise Rehabilitation. Fiona greatly enjoys working with people who have had injuries, hoping to improve their lifestyle with exercise while alleviating the pain of their injury.

Interests: Fiona used to be a competitive swimmer, competing for the University of Calgary Varsity for 5 years. After retiring from swimming, Fiona tried her hand at running and triathlons. Currently she enjoys going cross-country skiing and biking with her family.

Fiona provides her clients with tools to help them achieve their goals; but feels that her clients deserve the true credit for their success.