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Public Gym/Swim Times

Times and available gym space varies.

Public space is guaranteed but available on a first come first serve basis.

Gym 4 and 5 are not visible from the concourse level and may have public availability so please check with Customer Service or at the Fitness Centre Desk.

Our existing Sport Partners, programs and public are altering their regular spaces to allow Canada's Sr. Men's National Water Polo Team to practice at the regulated FINA International pool set up of 8 lanes at 30m. Training at anything other than 30m leading up to a major competition can cause athletes to not be as effective at their desired outcomes during the competition.

As a result:

· Sport Partners are adjusting their training time, pool location, number of lanes, or
  length of lanes;

· Talisman Centre programs will be running at 17m during certain evenings;

· Public will maintain 100m of pool space in the format of either 25m or 17m lanes depending
  on the evening.

We thank everyone for their support over May 1- June 7th, 2015 as our guys go for GOLD.


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