Partner Exchange Program in Effect for Upcoming Events

Due to large events hosted at Talisman Centre, the Partner Exchange Program will be in effect on the following dates:
  • Saturday, April 25th
  • Sunday, April 26th
Please see our Upcoming Events page for more details.

New Entrance Gates Are Here!

New security gates have been installed at the entrance by the Customer Service Desk. You will require a valid membership card to access the facility, as the gate arm will not permit entry without a card, or with an expired or invalid card. (Customers who are purchasing drop-in admission will still do so from a Customer Service Representative.)

Please ensure you are carrying your valid card to avoid being slowed down when you come in. (Customer Service can let you know if your pass is valid.)

To streamline entrance into the facility once the new gates are in place, there will be an express line for those carrying a valid pass to “swipe and go”. Those who are purchasing drop-in admission, or who have forgotten their card, will need to see a Customer Service Representative first.

NOTE: Beginning June 1st, 2008, anyone who cannot present a valid card will be charged for a drop-in admission. (After June 1st, members who forget their cards may provide an alternate form of identification, but may face a delay in gaining access to the facility.)

Parking Advisory

Free parking at Talisman Centre is restricted to members coming into the facility to train, for registrants coming in to the facility to take part in a program or attend a seminar, and visitors coming into the facility on business or to take a tour. Parking in Talisman Centre parking lot to go to off-site venues is prohibited unless otherwise indicated.

At peak usage times parking spaces may be at a premium, especially from 4 to 8 pm weekdays and on days when special events such as swim meets and tournaments are taking place. Our overflow parking map highlights areas to park around Talisman Centre, all within easy walking distance to the facility, during these busy times.

Chlorine Advisory

Why does Talisman Centre use chlorine in the pools?
Talisman Centre is committed to the health and safety of our customers. We are required to work with the Calgary Health Region to ensure our standards meet the industry regulations.
  • Compared to most facilities, we have a much higher volume of pool use. Chlorine is recognized and approved by the Calgary Health Region as one of the best agents to control the level of bacteria in the water in order to maintain safe swimming conditions.
  • The Calgary Health Region determines that the minimum required level of free available chlorine is 1 ppm. The strong smell of chlorine is not due to excessive levels. Our chlorine levels are monitored via an electronic controllers for each pool (24 x 7) and water samples are taken daily.
  • All large swimming pools in Calgary use chlorine in one form or another. Talisman Centre uses chlorine gas to treat the water. Pools that use other systems also produce/ use chlorine in one form or another:

    1. salt system which produces chlorine
    2. liquid bleach (which is chlorine)
    3. ozone and liquid bleach
    4. full stream ultraviolet and liquid bleach
    The concentrations of chlorine vary from system to system.
Would we consider changing to a different system?
Talisman Centre is exploring options and upgrades of the current system. Since the anticipated shut down time in order to convert from one system to another is approximately 1 month, this would not take place unless the building were closed for facility upgrades such as when we replace the roof.

If you have any further questions, please contact:
Sid Schmick Operations Technical Director

Mon - Fri 5am - 11pm
Saturday 6am - 10pm
Sunday 7am - 10pm
Holiday hours are 7am - 10pm. No registered classes on statutory holidays.

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Calgary AB T2G 5B6
Ph. (403) 233-8393
Fx. (403) 262-1001