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December 2009
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New Q&As;!

It'll be 2010 before you know it! Do you know what's happening at Talisman Centre in the coming year, and how it will affect you? Maybe it's time to find out, by visiting our 2010 page and reading some of the latest Q&As; from different areas of Talisman Centre.

Ask the Dietitian:

Frozen vs. Fresh

Q. "I am struggling to get the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetable servings in a day. Some weeks when I am really motivated I go and buy produce for the week and later end up with a crisper full of rotting, slimy vegetables. Is frozen produce a healthy option? I have heard that there are fewer nutrients than fresh?"

The Five Traits of a Successful Athlete

Part II

The conclusion of ETS Coordinator Jack VanDyk's examination of the five traits he observes in every successful athlete.

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