The Morin Files - Month One

Talisman Centre’s Driven 5 project is now underway, the prodigies have been selected, and their programs have begun. With a hurried excitement each participant has pushed through a series of lactate tests, nutrition assessments and body composition tests. There programs are now tailored and the ‘lab rat’ phase has begun.
Based on specific demands regarding each participant’s strengths and weaknesses I have been paired with Marc Morin, an extremely energetic and driven individual who look’s to conquer Ironman Canada at the end of August.
Marc’s passion for life and ‘drive’ for success make him the ideal training pupil, he is fully committed to the workload and most importantly he has bought into the program. After three weeks we are still adjusting to learning styles, communication mediums and motivational techniques. I will leave it to Marc to outline his goals for the 2009 season, although I can safely say that our partnership is centered in the water.
My goals for developing Marc as a athlete is to allow him to swim a sub 35 minute 1900m for the Half Ironman (70.3) at the beginning of August, and a sub 1:13:00 with a heart rate less than 140 bpm, for the full Ironman swim. Aside from that I realize that during the first three months I will be focusing on Marcs aerobic base while increasing his total minutes of exercise per week to beyond 13 hours.
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