What is Driven 5 all about?
Talisman Centre recently began an extensive search for five individuals who would have the privilege of receiving one of the most valuable prize packages Talisman Centre has ever offered. Many athletes applied, and after careful consideration of all the applications, the finalists were narrowed down to five men and women.

These five individuals are the “Driven 5”, and this year they will be given a once-in-a-lifetime training opportunity courtesy of the ETS (Endurance Training Systems) program at Talisman Centre. Each member of the Driven 5 will have a goal towards which they are working; a race, a triathlon, an ironman, or some other kind of competition. An individualized program will be designed that will take them from their starting point to the day of their respective competition. During that time, they will have unprecedented access to the best that Talisman Centre has to offer, including:

• periodic body composition assessments • nutritional support and guidance from our registered dietician • coaching sessions with specialized, professional coaches • access to Talisman Centre’s Athletic Training Zone • coach-led group training sessions

All of this, a dream training package worth thousands of dollars, will be given to the “Driven 5” at no cost. You are invited to meet the five individuals who are about to undertake the most comprehensive and intense fitness regimen of their lives. Many applicants were rejected for this privilege – find out what makes these five individuals worthy of being called the Driven 5.

Stay tuned to this site, because in the coming months they will be keeping detailed online journals chronicling their journey and sharing their experiences, successes and setbacks leading up to their big days.