Training Pool closed for much of August 2009

Talisman Centre will be retrofitting the training pool bulkhead in August, and this will require the temporary closure of the pool. We anticipate the pool will be closed from Wednesday, August 5th to Friday, August 28th. The 20-person hot-tub will also be closed for a portion of time during this period. We regret any inconvenience this may cause,  but trust that the new bulkhead will make Talisman Centre an even better place to swim!

For your information, here is the breakdown of the retrofit plan:
  • August 5th to 10th: Our Operations team will be emptying the water from the pool and preparing the bulkhead for retrofitting.
  • August 10th to 23rd: The retrofitting will take place, and meanwhile the 20-person hot-tub will be drained, and the tiles regrouted.
  • August 23rd to 28th: The Operations team will refill the training pool with water, and make sure it is safe to reopen to the public.