RSS is your friend!

A really neat thing you can do with the new Talisman Centre blog is subscribe to specific RSS feeds* that you're interested in. The main RSS feed will get you all the latest news, updates and information about Talisman Centre - everytime our blog is updated, you'll hear about it! If you prefer, you can subscribe just to those blog posts that contain customer alerts, and/or subscribe to receive a notice whenever there is new information about drop-in classes.

Hint: You can build your own RSS feeds using any of the labels (or "tags") that appear with each post. The format for our RSS feeds looks like this:*****

All you need to do is replace "*****" with the label you're interested in, like ("alert", "drop-in" etc.) and then copy and paste it into your RSS reader.

*Do you know what an RSS feed is? (It stands for "Really Simple Syndication".) It's also a great way to keep up with the latest news and information from Talisman Centre. With RSS, instead of periodically visiting this blog to see if there's a new post, this blog can come to you, automatically, whenever it is updated! First you need an RSS reader, like Google Reader or Bloglines. Once you have that, all you need to do is "subscribe" to our RSS feed, which is as simple as copy and paste!

For an overview of what RSS is, and how it works, check out this video: