We’ve heard your feedback!

Here's what we are doing...

Periodically, we conduct a survey of our members and other customers in order to determine which areas we can improve in. We are grateful for your feedback, and encourage you to contact us at any time with any questions or concerns.


Hand Sanitizer
We are pleased to inform you that hand sanitizing stations have been deployed in over a half dozen locations throughout the weight training area, Athletic Training Zone and Fit Zone. We have some stations available for certain staff as well, including in Childcare and the Café Santé. In the weight training areas, please use the available spray bottles to wipe down equipment after use.

Locker Rooms
Additional employees have been allocated to assist in locker room upkeep and to ensure maximum cleanliness. If you notice an issue in one of our locker rooms that requires immediate attention, please report it to one of Talisman Centre’s employees. We want to make our customer’s experience at Talisman Centre as pleasant as possible, and we understand that locker rooms are part of that experience.

We have several employees monitoring the parking lot during Flames games, and during special event weekends at Talisman Centre. These employees are there to ensure that our limited space is used to its maximum potential. We are privileged to be located very near to the Erlton/Stampede C-Train station, and we encourage our customers to consider using the LRT, particularly during special events or other busy times at Talisman Centre.


Public Swim
We are committed to providing a minimum of four lanes (100m) of public swim space at all times. We encourage you to check the daily schedule on talismancentre.com for the most up-to-date schedule information. In addition, we want to assure our customers that all the pools at Talisman Centre are subject to rigourous cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis.

Our lifeguards are continually trained and re-trained in matters of safety, protocol, and other essential functions. We pride ourselves on the high level of skill and professionalism in our lifeguarding employees, and we are always on the lookout for ways to make our guards even better.


Drop-in classes
We know that our customers want more group fitness classes, more night classes, and more of our ever-popular Ripped! classes. We are continually looking at our drop-in schedule and space-allocation to see where we can accommodate more classes. We are guided in this effort by the need to provide a range of different classes, as well as a balance between mind and body wellness. We also encourage our customers who are partial to a particular class to take a look at some of the other classes that Talisman Centre offers. We are proud of the exceptional quality of our classes and instructors, and thrilled that our customers are enthusiastic about them – we’re sure that there are enough classes for everyone at Talisman Centre. We should also remind customers that class capacities are set for important safety reasons, and cannot be exceeded. (In addition to safety concerns, having a cap on class size relieves pressure on the facility, the parking lot, and locker rooms.) Sufficient equipment for a given class is always available before the start of the class, and if all that equipment has been claimed by participants, that indicates that the maximum capacity for that class has already been met. If you find that your chosen class is consistently full, try one of our other Group Fitness classes, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Many customers asked for extended Childcare hours. We heard that request, and implemented evening hours on Monday and Wednesday, from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. Due to the 2010 facility enhancement construction project, Childcare will not be offered after February 28th, 2010. (It will resume when the facility re-opens in 2011.)

Music Volume
We have put a maximum “cap” on the volume control for the music that is played in the facility. This maximum is well within the regulations stipulated by City of Calgary bylaws. We have a sophisticated sound meter that is used periodically to ensure a safe and consistent level is maintained. If you are concerned, you may address your concerns to your instructor, who can have one of our employees conduct a sound test with our measuring equipment.