Training, fitness, healthy lifestyles, competition,and personal bests. A leader in the sport and recreation industry. Talisman Centre represents all of these goals and more. Calgary is one of the most active, vibrant cities in Canada and Talisman Centre is the hub of that energy. First opened in 1983, Talisman Centre has become the second most widely visited multi-sport facility in North America through innovative programming and leading-edge technology.

Whether customers choose to be active in the pools, gyms, tracks, circuit training, dropin classes, athletic development, weight room, or personal training, the core of the non-profit organization is its participants.

Calgary is known for its energy, enthusiasm, and athleticism. Join us at Talisman Centre and experience the joy of active living for yourself!

The Lindsay Park Sports Society expertly manages Talisman Centre on behalf of the people of Calgary. A non-profit society, the LPSS Board of Governors has 20 volunteer members - 12 representing sporting communities, two representing neighbouring communities, two representing public and Catholic school Boards, a Chair, the Vice Chair and a representative from the Past Presidents' Advisory Committee. An enthusiastic team of experts conducts Talisman Centre's daily operations - 12 sporting communities representatives, 41 full-time and 212 part-time employees.

Talisman Centre launched the Access Advantage fund in 2008 to ensure that there are no barriers to participation for anyone in Calgary, regardless of physical, mental or financial abilities. Click here to read more about this important program.


Our wish for the future, clear direction & focus.

Talisman Centre is an exceptional, experience-driven environment that inspires people from Calgary and around the world to achieve and celebrate their sport and wellness aspirations. It is a successful, idea-driven and operationally sound organization that is accountable to stakeholders and drives excellence and innovation in developmental sport and wellness delivery.


Talisman Centre is a dynamic organization dedicated to providing people of different ages and abilities inspiring, developmental sport and wellness experiences, assisting them to achieve their goals.


To provide training and competition facilities and services for the development of Calgary's high performance athletes in their respective dryland and aquatic sports. To provide facilities, programs and services for the wellness and recreational sporting needs of the citizens of Calgary.


Mon - Fri 5am - 11pm
Saturday 6am - 10pm
Sunday 7am - 10pm
Holiday hours are 7am - 10pm. No registered classes on statutory holidays.

2225 Macleod Trail S.
Calgary AB T2G 5B6
Ph. (403) 233-8393
Fx. (403) 262-1001