The Lindsay Park Sports Society

The Lindsay Park Sports Society expertly manages Talisman Centre on behalf of the people of Calgary. A not-for-profit society, the LPSS Board of Governors has 22 volunteer members - 12 representing Sporting Communities, four representing Neighbouring Communities, two representing Public and Separate School Boards, one appointed by the City of Calgary, a Chairman of the Board, a Past President and a representative from the Past Presidents' Advisory Committee.

The Lindsay Park Sports Society is deeply committed to enhancing the overall well-being of Calgarians through sport and wellness.

Talisman Centre was built in 1983 to host the Western Canada Summer Games. Simultaneously, the LPSS formed with innovative governance and a unique operating model. The key distinction of the LPSS is the Board of Governors are not controlled by a municipal body and therefore not subject to the resultant restrictions mandated by municipal priorities. The Society is also non-profit and can pump retained earnings back into enhancing programming and facilities at Talisman.

This model allows the LPSS to have a clear, customer-focused mandate that includes providing high performance training facilities so athletes can excel, access for the public to pursue their fitness goals and an overall commitment to wellness for every kind of athlete - seniors, people with disabilities, triathletes, Olympians, families, etc. The Society strives to develop programming that meets the needs of every person who walks through Talisman's door.

Operating Talisman Centre means the LPSS manages the second largest public participation sport and wellness combination facility in North America. Talisman has five separate pools - two 50-metre pools, a 20X20-metre dive tank, a shallow teach pool and a 20-person hot tub and whirlpool. There's also two running tracks, five full gymnasiums, 14,000-square-feet for physiotherapy and sport medicine and more than 25,000-square-feet dedicated to cardio and weight training.

The size, scope and capacity of Talisman provide LPSS the opportunity to be industry leaders. Talisman has more than 1.4-million visitors a year from every walk of life - and the capacity for 2-million. There are literally hundreds of programs, everything from Cardiac Wellness and Adapted Scuba to Soccer Camps and Olympic Training. Talisman has been the training centre for more than 200 of Canada's Olympic, Paralympic and World medallists.

The LPSS's largest project is the recently completed $25-million expansion. However the Society is deeply committed to every single project they undergo at Talisman and always remain true to their mission of providing people of different ages and abilities inspiring developmental sport and wellness experiences, assisting them to achieve their goals. Whether the project is about a multi-million dollar expansion with leading-edge technology or healthy French fries and clean bathrooms at Talisman, the LPSS always commits to partnerships and programming that match their philosophy and stimulate sport participation and healthy lifestyles.

Projects of the LPSS:

  • Partnered with the Sears I Can Swim Program that supports active positive lifestyles through programs encouraging participation, fun and success.

  • Developed the Access Advantage Fund which helps reduce the cost of entry to financially restricted families.

  • Supported designing a fleet of giant Air-Inflatable Floats motivated to make aquatics more fun.

  • Assisted in developing a Nutrition Kitchen with cooking classes and nutrition seminars promoting healthy eating.

  • Ensured access for the physically disabled at Talisman Centre wining accessibility awards from the Canadian Paraplegic Association for Alberta and the City of Calgary.

  • Created exceptional Childcare Services and Preschool enabling children to learn and have fun while their parents seek wellness.

  • Developed unique programming exclusively for teens such as Kick Boxing, Tri Cardio, Pursuits and Pilates.

  • Produced Adapted Physical Abilities Programming with everything from support and guidance through post-rehab to Adapted Scuba and Wheelchair Self Defense.

  • Formed innovative programs like Yoga for Golfers, Child Care First Aid, National Coaching Certification, Adventure Tours, Junior Lifeguard Club, Cardiac Lifestyle Maintenance Program, Lifestyle and Wellness Seminars and much, much more!

The LPSS's Board of Governors is made up of members representing each Olympic sport partner - swimming, synchro, water polo, diving, athletics, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, fencing, field hockey, soccer and rhythmic gymnastics - as well as a Chairman of the Board, a past president, a member of the Past Presidents' Advisory Committee and representatives from local school boards, community associations and the City of Calgary.