For Older Adults

Older Adults (60+)
All Seasons Walking Club
$40/12 classes
Walk your way to better health with the support of a group and the weather-free safety of an indoor track. Walking is easier on the joints than many exercises, and it’s a fabulous workout. Feel better, look better, and brighten up your day - join Talisman Centre’s All Season Walking Club!
M 1-2 PM Jan 6-Mar 31 (15105)
W 6:30-7:30 PM Jan 8-Mar 26 (15104)
Th 7-8 AM Jan 9-Mar 27 (15106)

Building Better Bones
$64/8 classes
Are you concerned about osteoporosis or the loss of bone density that accompanies aging? Combat bone loss with weight bearing and resistance exercises. You’ll gain knowledge and health in a comfortable, professional, and educational environment.
Tu, Th 4-5 PM Sep 10-Oct 3 (15107) Oct 15-Nov 7 (15109)
Nov 19-Dec 12 (15111) Jan 14-Feb 6 (15113)
Feb 25-Mar 20 (15115)
Tu, Th 7-8 PM Sep 10-Oct 3 (15108) Oct 15-Nov 7 (15110)
Nov 19-Dec 12 (15112) Jan 14-Feb 6 (15114)
Feb 25-Mar 20 (15116)

Water Fitness
$64/8 classes | $50/ 6 classes
If you have arthritis or fibromyalgia, or are working to rehabilitate a joint injury, this fitness-oriented, range-of-motion program is for you! A comfortable, slow start to aquatic activity.
M 2-3 PM Sep 9-Oct 21(15768) Nov 4-Dec 16 (15770)
Jan 6-Feb 10 (15772) Feb 24-Mar 31 (15774)
W 2-3 PM Sep 4-Oct 23 (15769) Oct 30-Dec 18 (15771)
Jan 8-Feb 12 (15773) Feb 19-Mar 26 (15775)

Cardiac Lifestyle Maintenance Program
Exclusively for Cardiac Wellness graduates! Join us for sessions supervised by exercise specialists to help you to progress safely. Program includes an individual assessment and goal-setting session, unlimited drop-in use of Talisman Centre, and group warm-up and stretching classes. Pick up your registration package at the front desk and get started! Call Julia at 296-6926 with questions.
Group sessions:
Tu 7-10 AM
Th 3-6 PM