__Fitness Testing
__Nutrition Counselling
__Customized Seminars

Athletic Development (233-8393, ext. 130)

Get the training you need to achieve optimal competitive results. Whether you’re an aspiring or an advanced athlete, Talisman Centre has the expertise and leading-edge equipment to take you to the next level! Our multi-lateral training will give you the skills and foundation to consistently excel. With a focus on overall athleticism, balance, agility, coordination, strength, speed, endurance, and power... Talisman Centre’s Athletic Development team will bring out your best.

Acceleration Training
Faster, stronger, and more agile! Training on specialized, high-speed Acceleration treadmills (skating or running) with an expert trainer will dramatically improve your performance and give you a competitive edge.

Individualized Training
$55/hour | $250/5 hours | $450/10 hours
No two athletes are alike! Get the results you want through a program customized to your needs! One-on-one training with a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist will maximize your progress safely and efficiently. Motivation, education, current sport science research, and the support of a specialist - invest in your own excellence.

Team Conditioning $80/team
Our strength and conditioning trainers provide customized programs to assist your team in reaching peak performance through: sport-specific testing, strength training, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, flexibility, agility, and biomechancial technique. Min. 4 sessions.

Technical Skill Development $80/team
Perfect the technical skills specific to your sport with the support of an expert. We’ll enhance your current training to ensure you reach your goals.

Training Program Design $95/1 hour consultation + 1 hour program design
Do you know when and how much you should be training? Based on the concept of Periodization, your tailor-made program will have you peaking for your most important competitions. You’ll receive a customized, structured training program that details the specific training you should complete during specific times of the year. Costs vary with the complexity of your plan. Call 233-8393, ext. 155 for information.

Sport Psychology
How you think makes a world of difference in sport... Reach new heights in competition with the help of this high performance service. Costs vary with size of group and seminar length.

Give your business a boost through Talisman Centre’s corporate rates and wellness services. Your customized package could include the following: fitness assessments, small group personal training, activity days at Talisman Centre, corporate wellness seminars and speakers, wellness displays, workplace wellness program, and the Corporate Athlete - High Performance Training Workshop™ (see pg. 4).

Fitness Testing (233-8393, ext. 155)

Advanced Body Composition Analysis $40
Serious about changing your body composition? Get the bottom line? This test uses 13 skinfold sites and 6 girth measurements to assess both your body fat and muscle mass.

Basic Body Composition Analysis $30
Great as a starting point or to see how far you’ve come - this basic test accurately assesses your body fat percentage using the 7-skinfold sites method.

Canadian Physical Activity, Fitness, & Lifestyle Appraisal $80/2.5 hours
Get the facts on your fitness in an hour-long test administered by a Certified Fitness Consultant (CFC). Once the test is complete and your results analyzed, you and your CFC meet to discuss your goals and how to achieve them. Test includes: blood pressure, body composition, submaximal aerobic step test, and muscular endurance, strength, and flexibility.

Sport-Specific Testing
$55/hour/person (group of 1-3) | $40/hour/person (group of 4+)
How fit are you in the areas your sport demands? Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists will help you find out! Testing protocols are customized to measure your fitness against the specific requirements of your chosen sport and may include any or all of the following: agility, speed, aerobic power, strength, muscular endurance, anaerobic capacity, and power.

Nutrition Counselling (233-8393, ext. 319)

Start-up Package
$160/1 hour consultation and 2 half-hour follow-up sessions
Enjoy great value and get started on the path to meeting your goals through better nutrition. Take home a personalized plan about the type, amount, and timing of food you need to achieve top-notch health!

Individual Nutrition Counselling
$90/hour | $45/half- hour follow-up
One-on-one nutrition counselling will help you meet your nutrition needs and goals for health, fitness, and peak performance. You’ll get the facts on what your body needs and practical tips on how to incorporate changes into your lifestyle.

Group Nutrition Counselling
4 people - $38.75/person | 3 people - $51.67/person | 2 people - $77.50/person
Share the costs with your family or friends (max. 4) and still get individualized strategies to maximize your health.

Detailed Nutrition Analysis
$160/computer assessment + 1-hour consultation
Get the facts on exactly how well you nourish yourself! Have your eating habits over 3 days computer analyzed and interpreted by a registered dietitian. You’ll then meet for a one-hour consultation and receive personalized feedback based on your assessment.

Grocery Store Tour
4 people - $38.75/person | 3 people - $51.67/person
2 people - $77.50/person | 1 person - $90
This hour-long, hands-on tour will help you decide what should go into your cart... and your body! Take home label reading tips and healthy shopping lists.

Customized Seminars

Looking for a high energy, practical nutrition seminar for your group? Our registered dietitian will tailor the presentation to your company, group , or sports team’s requests.

PERSONAL TRAINING (233-8393, EXT. 123)

Customized Personal Pursuits
4 people - $11.46/person/hour | 3 people - $15.28/person/hour
2 people - $22.92/person/hour
Get the help of an expert trainer and share the cost with family or friends!

Program Design
$95/ 1 hour consultation + 1 hour program design
Maximize your training results through consultation with a professional personal trainer who will design a program specific to your goals. A great way to get started safely or tune-up an existing routine.

Personal Training
$55/session, $250/5 sessions, $450/10 sessions
Reach your health and fitness goals safely and effectively working one-on-one with a professional personal trainer. You’ll get the guidance, education, and motivation you need - plus the latest training advice. Your trainer will keep you going with fun, varied workouts you won’t want to miss.

Personal Training and Nutrition Combination Packages
$300/ 5 personal training sessions + 1 hour nutrition consultation
$525/10 personal training sessions + 1 hour nutrition consultation and 1 half-hour follow-up
Change your life! Get results efficiently through a combination package. You’ll enjoy the great value and the collaborative approach of our workout and nutrition experts.

POOL PROGRAMS (233-8393, EXT. 148)
Aquatic Options
See the program you want, but not the times? Create your own class. We’ll offer any aquatic program with a minimum group size of 4 - you get an expert instructor, fun, and results.

Private Aquatic Lessons
$35/hour | $155/5 sessions
One-on-one lessons for you or your child (max. 2 per class) scheduled at your convenience. Whether you want to conquer a fear of the water, improve swim strokes, or work on lifesaving skills, private lessons are custom made to meet your needs.

3 people - $149/person | 2 people - $165/person | 1 person - $195
Have your swimming video taped using FasTrak underwater video technology! An interactive feedback session and technique analysis, followed by a 45 minute coaching session with Ken Olson, will improve your swimming dramatically.