What’s in it for the kids this summer?

Ever wondered how to choose the best summer camp for your son or daughter?  You’re not alone: in the last few years Calgary’s camp selection has grown tremendously.  Gone are the days when camps consisted of “paid babysitting”. Today’s camps target every interest and topic, and range from recreational and educational to competitive sport and extreme adventure — an excellent way to expose your son or daughter to a wide range of experiences during their summer off!

The benefits of participating in a camp are endless. Most importantly, your child will be immersed in a social setting that encourages team work, fair play, group learning, development of friendships, skill refinement, and/or general growth in their particular area of interest.  Diversifying the interests and abilities of your son or daughter is important in developing well roundedness and potential.  A camp that provides a multi-activity approach will help achieve this goal.  You may also consider having your son/daughter participate in a variety of different camps throughout the summer- just be careful not to burn them out by overscheduling!  Summer is an important time for kids and youth to rejuvenate, and unstructured activity and relaxation should also be a top priority.

The type of camp you choose should depend on your child’s age and interest.  A younger person, aged 6-12 should participate in many different activities.  From a physical perspective, varied activities and are the most enjoyable and fulfilling for a child at this age.  Because attention spans are smaller at younger ages and providing that multi-activity approach helps alleviate boredom and maximize participation. A good rule of thumb at the younger ages is to stick to the basics: provide lots of activity in a variety of settings. 

Alternately, for those aged 13-18 years, camps that develop specific skills are great.  It is physiologically appropriate for teens to specialize and pursue their targeted sport interests. At this age it is safe to specify and refine sport or other skill development interests.  Minds and bodies are more developed in the teenage years so they’re ready for activities of longer duration.  In the teen years, skill specific camps (i.e. soccer development camp, swim, basketball, triathlon) are great ways to encourage for goal setting, competitive play, and advancement in their chosen area. 

To make your decision an easy one, consider these questions when choosing the best camp for your son/daughter.

Questions for Your Family

  • What are your son/daughters interested in?

  • What would you like to expose them to this summer?

  • What is your budget?

  • Is camp location a consideration?

Questions for the Camp Coordinators

  • What is the camp curriculum?

  • What safety measures are in place to ensure a safe (yet fun) environment for your son/daughter?

  • What is the instructor-to-participant ratio?

  • Will volunteers to assist with supervision?

  • What will you get in return for your money?

  • What certifications do the camp instructors have?

2004 Camp Highlights

For more information, please contact Kate or Faye at 355-1276








  • Adventure, creativity, play time, games, swimming, outdoor activities and more!

Olympic Prospects



  • A week to remember with emphasis on active play, growth, development and sportsmanship

Medal Hopefuls



  • Future “Olympians” improve skills with a fun introduction to both popular and non-traditional sports.

Wheelin’ it – Duo sport camps



  • Combo camps that offer either cycle-soccer, cycle-badminton, or cycle-aquatics

Leaders in Action



  • Teens shoot for the stars in this NEW leadership program full of fun and innovative leadership activities.




  • Olympian Bryan Moody and other Canadian athletes develop your skills, strategy and game play.




  • Mike Myers and Eddie Richardson coach a fast-paced technical skill development camp




  • Join expert coaches  in this technical skill development camp.


$110 half or

$200 full day

9-11 or 12-15 y

  • Your 9 yr. old will receive a great introduction to fencing while tweens and teens fine tune speed, agility and strategy in the full day camp.

Field Hockey

$80 half day or $160 full day

7-11 or 12-18

  • Join our field hockey experts for a week of skill development, game strategy, conditioning and cross training

Martial Arts


8-16 y

  • Phillip Ndugga leads basic training in Tae Kwon Do, kickboxing and self defense.




  • Swimmers get expert coaching and feedback from Dean Schultz and team during this intensive skill development camp.




  • Join nationally certified and competitive player Brice Willis for a week of skill development, game strategy and conditioning.




  • Triathlon coach Todd Malcolm teaches conditioning, technical strategies, transition practice, and equipment selection.




  • Jason Crellin teaches court strategy, skill development, and proper mechanics as well as lots of tournament play.

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