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A New Roof (and more!) in 2010

As you may have heard, we're getting a new roof in 2010, but don't worry: it's business as usual until then! In the meantime, we have tried to anticipate any question you might have about Talisman Centre's facility enhancement project. If your question is not answered below, please contact us, and we'll be happy to answer your question. If you have a specific or technical question related to the new roof, facility enhancement, or construction process, please contact the City of Calgary by dialing 3-1-1 or emailing 3-1-1ContactUs@calgary.ca , where representatives will be pleased to answer your inquiry.
  • Give me the basics - what do I need to know?
    1) The tented portion of Talisman Centre (the main building) is closing in 2010 in order to have its roof replaced, along with other enhancements. The aquatic side will close December 31st, 2009, and the dryland side will close on February 28, 2010.

    2) The two annex buildings adjacent to Talisman Centre will continue to operate, (including a pool, fitness centre, two gyms, etc.) and your membership will remain valid during this time. There will be no public drop-in after 3:00PM every day; only Talisman Centre members will be permitted to enter the facility during this time.

    3) Due to the construction and closure, the size of our facility (and also our parking lot) will be substantially reduced, and we will be unable to offer certain programs and services during 2010.

    4) Members have three options:
              a. Continue to use the facility during 2010.
              b. Suspend your membership (and payments), and then resume your membership when we reopen in 2011, locking in 2009 prices for the duration of that year.
              c. Cancel, and get a pro-rated refund on the remainder of your membership.

    Please note: We will be unable to use any of the gyms or pools that are currently found under the tented portion of Talisman Centre for most of 2010. The space that will be available must be shared by members, the public, and Talisman Centre’s Sport Partners. To mitigate this strain, there will be no drop-ins between 4:30 and 7:30pm Monday through Thursday for the duration of the construction project. Back to questions.
  • What spaces will be available in the annex buildings during 2010?
    Aquatics - Calgary Foundation Aquaplex
    • 1 Customer Service Desk Entrance
    • 50m pool – will be allocated as 2 x 25m pools
    • 20 person hot tub
    • Access to the pool deck
    • Wheelchair access to the pool deck will be via an alternate accessible entrance
    • Foundation Lounge area (converted to locker rooms, and the new Customer Service Desk).

    Dryland - Dr. Neville Lindsay Sport Wellness Building
    • Temporary entrance with vestibule
    • 1 Customer Service Desk
    • Fitness Centre
    • Gyms 4 & 5
    • Locker rooms
    • LifeMark Health and The Cardiac Wellness Institute will continue to operate
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  • What is the 2010 rollout schedule?
    We anticipate that the 2010 facility enhancement project will take from January 1st, 2010, until December 31st, 2010. The aquatic side of the main building will close on December 31st, 2009, and the dryland portion will close at the end of February, 2010. The following programs and services will be ending in preparation for construction and the reduction of space:
    Ended June 2009
    • Preschool for Active Living
    • Campus Calgary
    • School Swim lessons

    Ending December 2009
    • Aquatic Group Fitness classes will be reduced and times altered from the current schedule
    • Executive Locker Service ending in January, 2010
    • Registered Programs including:
      • Badminton
      • Kids Triathlon
      • Kickboxing
      • Gymnastics
      • Volleyball
      • Pre & post natal gym & aquatic classes
      • Shallow water aquatic group fitness classes
      • Pilates and Training in Motion
      • School/Dryland lessons
      • Preschool learn to swim program
      • I Can Swim program for children and youth
      • I Can Swim private and semi-private lessons
      • Adult Aquatic Programs
      • All I Can Swim Sport Modules

    Ending February 2010
    • Childcare
    • Dryland Group Fitness classes will be reduced and times altered from the current schedule
    • Sport & Conditioning for large sport groups will be limited
    • Café Santé and Jugo Juice

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  • What Programs and Services will be running in 2010?
    During 2010 a limited number of programs and services will be offered that can be best accommodated in the space remaining open. (This list is subject to change depending on final space allocation details):
    • ETS
    • Triathlon
    • Personal Training
    • Group Fitness (reduced schedule - see separate Group Fitness FAQ for more info)
    • Schools Groups (when space is available for rent)
    • Summer Daycamps
    • Nutrition Services (available on a contract basis)

    Also, please note: We will be unable to use any of the gyms or pools that are currently found under the tented portion of Talisman Centre for most of 2010. The space that will be available must be shared by members, the public, and Talisman Centre’s Sport Partners. To mitigate this strain, there will be no drop-ins between 4:30 and 7:30pm Monday through Thursday for the duration of the construction project. Back to questions.
  • What will the layout of the Cardio and Weight Training Area look like in 2010?
    The cardio/weight training equipment area will be located in the air conditioned lower level of the Dr. Neville Lindsay Sport Wellness Building for 2010. We’re still finalizing the layout of the area, but it will include cardio equipment, a free-weight area and a stretching area, as well as a mix of hammer strength and life fitness machines. Back to questions.
  • Where will I be able to train with my personal trainer?
    Personal Training will take place in what is currently the accounting office. In order to make this transition as seamless as possible for Personal Training clients, we will begin the move gradually at the end of August or beginning of September, 2009. The move will be complete, and the new area will be ready for use by the end of September. Here are a few reasons to be excited about this change:
    • The 2010 space for Personal Training is bigger in terms of square footage than the current Personal Training space
    • The 2010 space is substantially more quiet than the current space
    • The 2010 space is also more private, and will be inaccessible to others during Personal Training sessions.
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  • How many parking spots will there be?
    Due to the large laydown for the construction trailers, cranes and other equipment, Talisman Centre’s parking lot will be reduced to between 170 and 200 parking stalls onsite. Of course, we are across Macleod Trail from the Erlton C-Train station, and the #10 bus stops near the entrance to our parking lot. The #3 bus stops on 4th street, which is a short walk from Talisman Centre through Lindsay Park. See map below:

    (Note: The part of the map designated “Construction Laydown Area” is an approximation and is subject to change. It should not be regarded as definitive.)

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  • Where will my ETS & Tri Club classes be held for biking and running?
    These classes will be held in the cardio mezzanine, which can currently be reached via the stairs located in the Fitness Centre. In 2010, entrance to this area will be through Gym 4. Back to questions.
  • What Group Fitness Classes will be running in 2010?
    Check out the drop-in schedule page to see all the classes currently on offer! Back to questions.
  • Where will the showers and change rooms be?
    There will be change rooms and showers during 2010, on both the Aquatic and Dryland sides of Talisman Centre, although there will not be an Executive Locker Room during this time. On the dryland side, locker rooms and showers will be located where the executive locker room is currently located. On the aquatic side, the locker rooms will be where the Foundation Lounge currently is, and showers will be built on the pool deck. Back to questions.
  • What is happening between Jan 1 - Feb 28 that is causing the aquatic side to be closed, but not the Dryland side?
    The pools in the Aquatics portion of the facility require more preparation in order to get them ready for the construction project to begin. Not only do the pools need to be drained, but the complex mechanical apparatuses that feed the pools, filter the water, and regulate its temperature must be thoroughly checked and brought safely offline.

    12. Will it be business as usual up until February? Or will you need to move equipment before then?
    You’ll be able to use all the machines you’re used to, but they may be in a different location than you’re used to. We want to make these transitions as seamless as possible, so we will begin to position equipment in their 2010 locations prior to the closure of the main tented building. We will always leave a sign alerting you to where a particular piece of equipment has been moved, so you’ll always be able to find your machines!

    A reduced Group Fitness class schedule will go into effect in mid-February, and will continue through 2010. Back to questions.
  • Will membership and programs be discounted during 2010?
    We considered a number of different scenarios and options regarding membership prices in 2010. After much discussion, it was felt that we were still offering a good value for the membership dollar compared with other facilities in the city, particularly in and around the core. We understand that some customers will disagree, and this is why we’ve provided three options for members for 2010.
    1. Continue to use the facility. The two annex buildings of Talisman Centre will be open, and your membership will still be valid through 2010. We'd love to have you!
    2. Alternatively, members who wish to do so may “freeze” their membership, and then “un-freeze” the membership when Talisman Centre's main building re-opens in 2011. With this option, the 2009 rates will be “locked-in” for the duration of 2011.
    3. If a customer feels that they will not be able to use Talisman Centre's two annex buildings during the facility enhancement, they can opt for a refund or a pro-rated membership that will last until the facility closes in 2010.

    To help in your decision, you should know that we do not anticipate that we will have the same number of people trying to access the same services as we do currently. In fact, we are estimating that with 50% reduction in our building’s footprint, we will have a 50% reduction in the number of people actively using the facility. In addition, we are implementing a policy in 2010 that only members will be permitted to enter the facility between 4:30 and 7:30pm Monday through Thursday for the duration of the construction project.. (In other words, there will be no public drop-in available during those times.)

    For those members who do opt to leave, we are more than happy to recommend a facility that might better meet their needs in 2010, and hope they will return to us in 2011. But we also hope that many people will be able to continue to use our facility as they always have, through 2010 and beyond.

    We encourage all our members to speak with a Customer Service Representative about their membership options in 2010. Back to questions.
  • Will there be any public swim time, with only one 50M pool?
    We will continue to have a pool available in 2010, so our swimmers are welcome to stay. The Water Polo teams, Synchronized Swimmers, Competitive Swimmers, and other Sport Partners will be sharing that pool with the public, and they too will have much more restricted access than they enjoy today in order to allow sufficient space for the public. (For example, there will be no special events until we fully re-open in 2011.) We remain committed to providing space for the public to swim, and are currently working to determine the 2010 schedules. These schedules are in their final planning stages, and should be ready early this fall. At the moment we know that we will most likely operate the pool in the annex building as two 25-metre pools, rather than as one 50-metre pool, in order to better allocate space for the public, while still having space available for Sport Partners and other groups to train. There will be some hours in the day that we will not be able to offer guaranteed public lane swim as we do currently. Back to questions.
  • Will the Partner Exchange Program be in effect during 2010?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to offer Partner Exchange in 2010. Other facilities are operating at capacity, and will be unable to accommodate the additional load. Back to questions.
  • I want more information.
    If you have a question that you think should be featured in this FAQ, contact us, and we'll do our best to answer it. Below are the contacts for Talisman Centre's 2010 facility enhancement project:

    The Talisman Centre Facility Upgrade:
    Call: 3-1-1
    E-mail: 3-1-1contactus@calgary.ca
    Visit the City of Calgary's Talisman Centre Site

    Talisman Centre customer/operations inquiries:
    Call: 403-233-8393
    E-mail: info@talismancentre.com
    Visit www.talismancentre.com/2010

    Media inquiries on Talisman Centre operations:
    President & Chief Operating Officer
    Talisman Centre
    ph: 403-233-8393 Back to questions.