Group Fitness in 2010

For general details on the 2010 Facility Enhancement project, and how it may affect you, please consult our main 2010 FAQ.

  • How did you determine which classes would remain, and which ones would be on hiatus for 2010?
    A number of factors were carefully considered in order to create a schedule for 2010. We will be unable to use any of the gyms or pools that are currently found under the tented portion of Talisman Centre for most of 2010. The space that will be available must be shared by members, the public, and Talisman Centre’s Sport Partners. (To mitigate this strain, there will be no drop-ins between 4:30 and 7:30pm Monday through Thursday for the duration of the construction project.) In addition, the available parking lot space will be significantly reduced, and the childcare services that many of our group fitness participants rely on will not be offered in 2010. Since our facility will not be able to accommodate the same number of customers as we currently do, we have adjusted our schedule accordingly, so that the customers will continue to enjoy the best possible experience at Talisman Centre through 2010. Back to questions.
  • When will the schedule change for the Aquatics classes?
    The 2010 aquatics schedule will take effect on January 1st, 2010. Back to questions.
  • When will the schedule change for the Dryland classes?
    The 2010 dryland schedule will take effect in February, 2010. Further details will be published when they are available. Back to questions.
  • What is the Group Fitness Schedule for 2010?
    Please see the schedule below. (Note: The white space in this schedule indicates that the time is reserved by one of Talisman Centre’s Sport Partners or other User Groups. This schedule displays all the classes that will be running in 2010.)
    Back to questions.
  • Will the classes that are on hiatus in 2010 return in 2011?
    It is our intention to return as many existing classes as possible when the main tented portion of Talisman Centre re-opens in 2011. We will not have exact details or scheduling information until we are closer to that grand re-opening date. Back to questions.
  • Where can I take a Ripped class in the city?
    We understand the popularity of our Ripped classes and the passion of its attendees. As mentioned in the previous question, Talisman Centre is simply unable to accommodate those classes with the space we’ll have available in 2010. However, we are pleased to inform you that we are working in conjunction with Ripped founder Jari Love and her husband and business partner Ray Love, to help our customers transition to either one of their Fitness Plus locations in the city where you may continue to get the Ripped experience in 2010.
    North Location:
    1709 8th Avenue NE
    Calgary, AB T2E 0S9
    Phone: (403) 273-7450

    South Location:
    10401 Braeside Dr SW,
    Calgary, AB T2W 1B5
    Phone: (403) 258-0333

    Club Hours:
    Monday-Friday: 6am - 10pm
    Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 5pm

    Membership details, fees, schedules or other information on “Get Ripped” at Fitness Plus will be released in the fall. Over the next two months, Fitness Plus and Talisman Centre will be conducting a survey to determine what the best times are for classes. Check Talisman Centre’s Drop-in Schedule webpage for the survey link. Back to questions.
  • Where will the Talisman Centre Group Fitness classes be located in 2010?
    In 2010, Talisman Centre will be operating our two annex buildings, which include two gyms, two 25 metre pools, and office space. The bulk of group fitness classes will be held in one of the two gymnasiums for dryland classes, and in the pool for our aquatic group fitness classes. Exact location information for each class will be published soon. Back to questions.
  • When will I know who is teaching the classes in 2010?
    The experience providers at Talisman Centre will be working with our current instructors over the coming weeks and months in order to determine the teaching schedules for 2010. As soon as we have a better idea of who will be teaching classes, we will update this document. Back to questions.
  • Where can I get more information?
    Please direct all inquiries regarding Group Fitness to, or use the contact form on our website. You may also call Customer Service at (403) 233-8393, and ask to speak to the Dryland Manager or Wellness Program Coordinator.

    Below are the contacts for Talisman Centre's 2010 facility enhancement project:

    The Talisman Centre Facility Upgrade:
    Call: 3-1-1
    Visit the City of Calgary's Talisman Centre Site

    Talisman Centre customer/operations inquiries:
    Call: 403-233-8393

    Media inquiries on Talisman Centre operations:
    President & Chief Operating Officer
    Talisman Centre
    ph: 403-233-8393 Back to questions.